9 Top Tools for Social Media Management in 2020

In our digital age, social media has become indispensable for any business, large or small. Exceptional social media marketing services enables companies to effectively engage customers, build relationships, and grow. Business owners must understand how imperative not only social media marketing is for success, but also elements such as company online presence analysis and auditing services. In this article, marketing experts discuss 9 top tools for social media management in 2020.

Buffer Is By Far My Favorite Tool To Use Both Internally And For Clients

“Buffer is by far my favorite tool to use both internally & for clients. Buffer allows you to set times according to best practices, queue posts for the upcoming week(s), and they provide analytics. For Twitter, you can easily search for and tag accounts and recommended hashtags. For Instagram, the hashtag countdown provides your limit. When using links, Buffer will auto-generate recommended images as well. From an additional analytics standpoint, SproutSocial is fantastic for a deep-dive into everything from follower counts, impressions, interactions, and clicks. SproutSocial also allows you to export & compare data from various time periods.”

Gira Wieczorek, Managing Partner, Aleberry

Some Best Tool Examples For Social Media Management Are Planable.io, Hootsuite, ContentCal, And Social Searcher

“A Social Media Management Tool aims to fo all things in your social media accounts, their main purpose is to help you in every way possible in handling your social media accounts.

Here are some best tool examples for Social Media Management:

Planable.io – If your social media strategy needs collaboration from multiple team members, Planable is meant to streamline that method. Just like several of their competitors, the platform permits you to change your content management from a range of social feeds and set up your content marketing on social. This is useful if you want to create posts across a variety of different feeds and need to customize them for each one.

Hootsuite – The most popular Social Media Management Tool in the market is undoubtedly Hootsuite. It’s now a beast with over 16 million users and 1,000 employees from around 175 countries. Hootsuite usually has a very generous free plan and a really valuable pro plan (which may cost you $599 per month). All of these factors have done everything to the huge growth of Hootsuite.

ContentCal – This tool is great for agencies and teams of content creators, there are still so various businesses who are still relying on complicated Excel Spreadsheets and shared folders to plan their content. That might kind of work if it’s just you, but for teams, it’s just waiting for a disaster to happen. ContentCal enables all your team members to brainstorm and work together in planning your social media content.

Social Searcher – Protecting your brand’s reputation and responding to positive and negative feedback quickly is vital. Social Searcher turns it amazingly easy to do just that. This software acts as a search engine specifically for social media. You will be able to see who is posting about your brand and the things they are saying in real-time. What’s exceptional about the platform is that you get more functionality for free.”

Keith Myers, Managing Editor, TheHempire

The Integrations With Canva And The Content That They Provide Through Articles That Are Updated Hourly Makes Creating Content Easy

“As a small business, we have tried our fair share of social media management tools. Hootsuite, Coschedule, Later, Sendible, and many others. The management tool is extremely accessible for our whole team and is by far the easiest for bulk posting. Likewise, if you are working for many clients, you can allow them to see what you are posting and send them specific analytics for their social media. The integrations with Canva and the content that they provide through articles that are updated hourly makes creating content easy!

Hootsuite would come in second, simply because it is not as easy to bulk post and does not provide easy access to “premade” content. What it does provide is money with each plan for advertisements. You can track these advertisements on Hootsuite and create your own campaigns. These settings are extremely helpful if you are trying to launch your brand through advertisements.

Later is the cheapest alternative for social media management and I would recommend it for smaller businesses that do not have as much workload as agencies or larger corporations.

Coschedule I would only recommend if you are working on social media with a large group. This application is specifically created to make working remotely more streamlined. While that is a great thing to have, if you only have 1 or 2 people working on social media, it is unnecessary to have Coschedule.” 

Mick McKeown, Owner/CEO, Pennovia

Sendible Is One Of The Top-Ranking Social Media Management Tools Currently

“Sendible – It’s one of the top-ranking social media management tools currently, making it simple to engage with your target audience, monitor your brand, and track results – all from one dashboard. Apart from the best of engagement, scheduling, and reporting, the tool lets you connect to most popular social networks, publish directly on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. the Tool as a dedicated Priority Inbox with all your social messages from different networks and profiles into a single stream. You can also schedule your content individually or in bulk. The tool stores all data in an interactive calendar. Just drag-and-drop the content accordingly.

eClincher – The tool enables marketers to manage several social media accounts, pages, and groups right from one intuitive platform. It’s specifically designed for businesses, social media managers, marketing experts, agencies, and teams. You can connect directly to Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The Unified Social Inbox gathers all social media messages and notifications at one place, letting you respond, thank, follow, or engage with your target audience.

Hootsuite – Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool offers you the right set of tools to control your social medial profiles from one dashboard. It finds and schedules effective social content automatically. It lets you connect to 35+ popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YoutTube, and LinkedIn. You are able to export reports in multiple formats – CSV, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint. Use its Auto Scheduling to maintain a 24/7 presence on social media.”

Eric Jones, CEO, Couture Candy

Social Pilot and Tailwind

“There are a number of very useful online social media management tools used by marketers. I’ll mention only two of the most notable ones here.

Social Pilot – Social Pilot is an amazingly easy to use social media management tool which comes at a very competitive price. This tool allows you to do all the tasks required for effective social media management. Some of its key features are bulk scheduling, integrating with social profiles, content curation, brand management, etc. The most crowd-puller thing about Social Pilot is its calendar feature. In this multirole feature, you can find the posts you want by using different useful filters. You can reschedule your posts for any day of the month by its drag and drop option. Its smart reporting system can alert you for any issues in your social media feeds. You can easily check the performance of your social accounts and the flaws in your social media marketing strategy by its diverse analytics. The pricing of Social Pilot starts from only $25 per month.

Tailwind – Tailwind is the most effective social media management tool for those who mostly depend on visual content for their social media campaign. Practically, this tool is best for Instagram and Pinterest. Its most attractive features include intelligent scheduling of posts, content suggestions, reposting high-performing contents, cumulative analytics, etc. You can easily and quickly create, clone, and schedule multiple posts in this tool. This tool allows you to crop or resize images inside the platform which isn’t possible on Instagram or Pinterest. Tailwind Tribes feature enables you to connect with other profiles in your trade, personalize visual contents for websites, share and exchange content through social media platforms, etc. If you want to yield the best results of influencer marketing through social media visuals, it is Tailwind that you need. Tailwind comes in different pricing which ranges between $9.99 and $799 per month.”

Andrei Vasilescu, CEO and Digital Marketing Specialist, DontPayFull

In 2020, according to a recent study an estimated 3 billion people use social media around the globe. Regardless of the industry, social media management is a vital component for the growth and success of any company. In addition, businesses must think about things like reputation management services to increase online visibility and drive visitors to a website. These are all keys for any business to maximize growth and thrive in the future.

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