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Company Online Presence Analysis and Audit Services

A successful digital strategy begins with a thorough and comprehensive online presence analysis.

Evaluating your online presence through our company analysis and audit services will allow you to pinpoint areas that require attention, develop a better online marketing plan that focuses on these specific areas, and puts activities in place to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.


Complete Company Analysis

In an increasingly competitive business environment, it’s important to analyze your online presence and conduct an audit to determine your current positioning.

Social Media Audit

Our social media audit identifies what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be improved across your social media channels. Make data driven decisions and build a better online presence.

Website Structure Audit

A website’s structure refers to how a website is setup and how individual subpages are linked to one another. It is important that search engine crawlers can find all subpages quickly and easily. Our audit will identify if there are any issues with your site and we’ll recommend how to enhance it for SEO.

Environmental Analysis

We work closely with our clients when establishing goals and objectives for their online activity. Our team of experts uses a wide range of industry-tested tools, resources and techniques for an accurate analysis of your business, customers and competition. At the end of our analysis and audit, we submit a comprehensive report on our findings, which includes clear and informed recommendations about the next steps to take.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is an essential part of your marketing plan. With this evaluation, we can determine your unique value proposition and differentiate your product or service from your competitors. It is important to identify your competitors, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, to analyze their strategy, and much more. Our aim is to give your business a competitive edge and to set you up for success.

Keyword Analysis and Research

Keyword analysis and research is one of the most important activities in the online marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. It is important to determine your market’s keyword demand so that you can build a successful SEO and to learn more about your customers as a whole.

Persona Development

A persona is a representation of your website’s intended users. We develop personas to create reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments. And by doing so we hope to achieve a clear understanding of customer needs and interests. This step is a critical step when building your website, creating content, and developing better marketing communications.

Search Engine Visibility

Our team runs a comprehensive SEO audit to determine your search engine visibility. A technical analysis is conducted to identify areas of improvement and to see how your site ranks for several key factors: accessibility. Indexability, on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors, and competitive analysis.

Your company's online presence is crucial to the success of your business. As an industry leading company online analysis and audit agency we pride ourselves on delivering focused results and providing effective services to not only improve your company's online presence but help take your business to new heights.


Reach Your Target Audience

Your message is pointless and wasted unless you reach the right audience. A strong online presence ensures that your message reaches your target audience. Without a strong online presence, you might as well be invisible to your audience, and any potential customers.

Establish Your Brand

With a strong online presence when people begin to share your content consistently, other people will start to view to you as a frontrunner within your industry. This is just one reason why investing in your content to raise your online presence is so integral to the success of your business because it enables you to build substantial relationships between your brand and your target audience.

Expand Brand Awareness

Through a strong online presence people will find your brand and your content. As people start to share your content to their social media circles an increased visibility of your brand will occur as more eyes are focused on your business.