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Category: Social Media Optimization

  • 9 Top Tools for Social Media Management in 2020

    In our digital age, social media has become indispensable for any business, large or small. Exceptional social media marketing services enables companies to effectively engage customers, build relationships, and grow. Business owners must understand how imperative not only social media marketing is for success, but also elements such as company online presence analysis and auditing… READ MORE

  • On Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?

    We’re often asked, “On which social network should you share content most frequently?” This is a worthy question, given that 72% of the American public used some form of social media in Q2 2019.  Therefore, if you’re a small business owner, it’s crucial that you take your social media presence seriously. Failing to do so… READ MORE

  • The Bruce Lee Guide to SEO and Online Marketing

    Like many kids born in the early eighties, I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies. As a kid, I loved him for his fancy moves and general “badassery”. Growing up, I started to realize that the man was way more than “one-inch punches” and “two-finger pushups”. He was a philosopher and he taught us a… READ MORE

  • 5 Steps to Get The Most Out of Google+ and Authorship; A Guide for Small & Medium Businesses

    Google+ is now a MUST for any business that takes their online presence seriously. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google, stated the following in regards to Google+ and Authorship: ““Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking… READ MORE

  • Customer Service is Going Social

    (click to enlarge) Customer service is going social, and it’s not just the big players anymore. By the end of 2012, about 80 percent of companies were using social media to provide some form of customer support or customer service. And customers are taking notice and capitalizing on the convenience, too. About one-third of customers… READ MORE