12 Things An Excellent Plumber Website Should Have

The trades sector, especially the plumbing industry is an incredibly competitive space. Given this fact, to truly thrive plumbing professionals would be well served to consider things like plumber website design. Moreover, to elevate themselves above competitors and propel their website to the top of local listings, plumbers must also think about integral things like local SEO. In this article, marketing experts discuss 12 things an excellent plumber website should have.

Phone Number In The Header, Rates, FAQ, And A Blog

“I was the content creator for a chain of plumbers in the Mid-South, so here are my lessons learned to create a better user experience for the plumbing customer audience:

1) Your phone number needs to be boldface type and prominent in the header of your website.

2) Your rates–including emergency rates for after-hours and holidays–need to be readily discoverable for users, as well as average costs for typical repairs.

3) A prominent article on the home page with the title ‘When NOT to Call Us: What You CAN Safely Fix Yourself’ demonstrates to potential customers that you aren’t trying to cash in on their plumbing challenges and are genuinely wanting to help them, which engenders their trust.

4) FAQs of the most commonly asked questions need to be available.

5) A blog advising homeowners on how to best maintain and sustain their household’s plumbing care – from how to turn on and off their lawn’s sprinkler system as seasonal changes dictate, to why consumers should ditch the Drano.”

Denise Dorman,Marketing Content Executive, WriteBrain Media

One Of The Most Important Things That You Can Incorporate On A Plumbing Website Is An Online Booking Tool

“In 2020, one of the most important things that you can incorporate on a plumbing website is an online booking tool. This allows clients to schedule, purchase, and manage service appointments completely online. Not only does this automate much of the onboarding process (saving the plumber/office assistant time), but it’s something that customers are looking for. By incorporating it, you get a leg up on your competition.

When consumers can schedule an appointment on their own time conversion rates will always increase. Instead of having to go back and forth through multiple phone calls to find a time when schedules align, your customer can use the online booking tool to see when the Plumber (or subcontractor) is available.

This way, the onboarding/sales cycle is drastically minimized. All you need is an initial phone call that can point the customer to the appointment booking page of your website. Because most of these tools automatically synchronize when other customers schedule appointments, it’s virtually impossible to have a scheduling mix up. This leads to happier customers and better reviews.

Regarding the current pandemic, we’ve seen a large increase in conversion rates when incorporating appointment booking capabilities. That’s because while plumbing is a necessary service, it’s one that needs to be planned for in advance due to the current social distancing policies. To summarize, in 2020, the best thing that you can incorporate on a plumbing website is an appointment booking tool. It helps you adapt to the current pandemic, offering an easy way to schedule any plumbing related service on the customer’s own time. It also saves the plumber or office assistant a lot of time as everything is automated, digital, and manageable by the customer.”

James LePage, Founder, and CEO, Isotropic Design

Educational Videos, Chatbot, Copies Of Certifications And License Numbers, List Of Services Offered

“Architects across the globe work hand in hand with the construction trade. Specifically, we work with licensed Master Plumbers (better known as plumbers) to execute our clients’ needs and wants. Who better than us, to know what information is necessary to have an impactful and educational experience with respect to an end-user using an excellent plumber’s website.

With that being said, in our opinion, the following 10 items are a must with respect to the content of a Plumbers Website:

1) The website must have a blog.

2) Educational videos on how a do-it-yourselfer can fix simple problems (create in a YouTube video and provide a link on your website).

3) Educational videos on how other plumbers can perfect their craft. This shows you are the authority on the topic. Also, show common mistakes made by other plumbers. (create YouTube video and provide a link to your website).

4) Instant chat with a plumber would be nice. People want to know you’re accessible.

5) Copies of certifications and license numbers are a must. This shows you’re legitimate.

6) Voluntary plumbing work done for struggling not-for-profits – Good Karma.

7) List of Satisfied Clients.

8) List of unsatisfied clients, with details describing what happened, and how their issue was resolved. The honest truth is, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to have every single client be happy. Be accepting of that and be forthcoming.

9) Show how many jobs you have active, and how many jobs you can accept in a given week. Customers will be thankful for the honesty, and it will also create a sense of urgency to book you if they see that only a few slots are left. Give them the capability to book online. You can always follow up with a phone call and confirm the job before heading out.

10) A list of services you offer is always helpful, mentioning which services require a permit, and which don’t. This shows you don’t accept shortcuts. Pulling a permit means you are licensed to do the work and are aware that an inspection by the building dept or competent jurisdiction will check the work and ensure it was done to code.

Condense the size of your files and images so the search engine algorithms pick up your site through natural searches.”

Shawn Siddiqi, Project Manager, FastArchitect.com

Clear Call-To-Action Button, A Price List, And Testimonials

“A great plumber website should have a few things:

A clear call-to-action button – The ultimate goal of any plumber is to acquire new customers. And even if the website is made perfectly, if it lacks a clear call to action button, it will be useless, as customers will leave. I recommend making a phone call to action as it is the most effective and allows customers to call right away.

A list of services – To attract the right customers, plumbers should specify what they do, to avoid unnecessary calls and streamline communication and customer flow.

A price list – Nobody likes unpleasant surprises. Customers don’t like to be overcharged, and plumbers certainly don’t want to receive calls only to find out their customers don’t have enough money to pay for their services. Specifying fees and prices is always welcome as it allows everyone to be on the same page.

A blog section – Paid advertising is overrated. Instead, I advise using a blog section to describe the most common problems and their solutions to boost credibility, boost organic search to the website, and convince customers you’re the right person to call.

Testimonials – Testimonials will provide prospective customers with an opportunity to see the quality of your work and increase the chances of opting for you. Make sure to ask your customers to leave positive feedback after each visit to increase the acquisition of new ones.”

George Mouratidis, Content Writer, Stasher

Taking into account the competitive nature of the plumbing industry in our digital age, possessing a stellar online presence is imperative for any plumber. Excellent website design coupled with search engine optimization are integral components to help attract and convert potential customers, thus enabling your business to flourish in 2020 and beyond.

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