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Local SEO helps people nearby find your business.




Google My Business

Google’s online integrated business interface is essential to increasing your local SEO presence. It is one of the factors that helps promote your page ranking and an excellent source of local information.

Citation Building

It’s extremely important to get your business’ information on all relevant directories across the web. This will increase your online visibility and help boost your local SEO footprint.

Mobile Search

More and more searches are being performed on mobile devices. Our local SEO agency will ensure that your business appears in local searches for both desktops and mobile devices. Our goal is to drive traffic to your business at home and on-the-go.

Competitive Analysis

We’ll keep a close eye on your competition, analyze their efforts, and make sure you stay a step ahead. This will help us take advantage of key opportunities to enhance your brand awareness and drive more local traffic.


Our team will create a local SEO search strategy to make sure your site is seen by a targeted, local audience. Our goal is to ensure that your business reaches its goal and to help give your business a competitive edge in today’s online marketplace.


Get More Web Traffic

Get relevant, targeted traffic to your site. Optimize for key demographics and hone in on your target market.

Get More Calls

We make sure that your most up to date contact information is included in all relevant directories and local listings. Our aim is to make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

Get More Sales

By increasing your Local SEO, we’ll drive more targeted, local traffic to your site and increase sales for your business.


At IronMonk, we are more than an agency, we are a strategic partner. Our mission is to see you succeed online, whether it's through design, development or marketing.

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What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO is one of the most cost-effective online marketing approaches because it helps potential customers find information about local goods and services. It is especially helpful for traditional “brick and mortar” businesses because it helps drive foot traffic to your store. With search engines becoming more focused on proximity searches and locally targeted content, the value of local SEO services is growing exponentially fast.

Is Local Search Engine Optimization Right for Me?

Our search engine optimization agency has a proven track record of helping clients increase their search rankings and their bottom line. Our team uses industry best practices to create long-term, sustainable results. Our search engine optimization services include: Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research & Strategy, and Activity Reports.

Do I need Local SEO?

Technical SEO best practices are good for every company especially if you are a smaller brick and mortar business. The most common form of search on good is now “X near me” and by having local SEO you too can capture this business. 

What Goes Into Local SEO?

At IronMonk we take local SEO quite seriously and when doing so we are always considering the following. Firstly, the quality of the traffic that comes in. Are you visitors there specifically for your website or product or did they end up on your site while looking for something else on the web and will likely not be a paying customer or subscriber? Secondly, the volume of the traffic that comes in once we have nailed down your target customer, we want to accelerate similar visits to your site. Lastly, organic traffic vs paid traffic and what is best to take your business to the next level. 

What are the Costs of Local SEO Services?

Every project is different depending on its individual needs and goals, therefore the costs for our local SEO services will vary per project.

Here at IronMonk, we quote each client through a tailored proposal and provide detailed estimates which are based upon the unique needs of each client's project and business needs.

Do You Use Any Affiliate Management Software?

Yes, we use many different affiliate management tools and applications to help track clicks, affiliate signups, and conversions.

Here at IronMonk, we can also work with and integrate any affiliate management tools and/or software that you may be already using as part of our extensive affiliate management services.

Do You Only Work with Specific Industries?

No, at IronMonk we are happy to provide local SEO services for nearly every industry within the marketplace today*.

Our team of experts have a wealth of experience to help you truly maximize your business through our proven local SEO services. We can help you maximize your brand's potential by accelerating new customer acquisitions and increasing your revenue, by greatly expanding your brand exposure.

*IronMonk does not provide services for brands within the gambling, porn, or pharmaceutical industries

Are Your Local SEO Services Outsourced?

No, we never outsource any work done at IronMonk.

You want to go with a company that lets you speak to the SEO team directly and that does not make you deal with any communication or time zone issues.

You can rest assured that you will never run into those issues here with us, because everything at IronMonk is done in-house, right here in North America.

This detail is just one of many ways that we at IronMonk strive to provide all of our clients with the very best local SEO services possible to help their business achieve their marketing goals and reach their true potential.