10 Brilliant Logos to Inspire Your Business and Bring Your Idea to Life

In today’s marketplace, having a stellar logo acts as your first point of contact with your business. Your logo is your business’s (and your brand’s) distinguishing identity and the ethos of a brand. 

Simply think of any popular brand, regardless of the industry: Nike, Starbucks, Mercedes, Apple. The mere mention of any of these companies instantly brings to mind their respective logos. 

Exceptional logo design acts as the calling card for your business and differentiates you from the competition. It can attract and engage your target audience, create brand awareness, and cultivates essential brand loyalty. In this post, we take a look at 10 brilliant logos from different industries to inspire your business and bring your idea to life.

Family Dental Care

In the healthcare profession, whether you are a dentist, doctor, or another medical practitioner, credibility and trustworthiness are imperative for the success of your business. The Family Dental Care logo brilliantly incorporates the core values and the essence of the dental practice. 

The featured glyph on the left seamlessly combines the symbol of a tree, which also serves as a recognizable metaphor for a “family tree”. In addition, the use of five separate colors for each circle denotes five different “family members” in its design.

Hello Divorce

Let’s face it, a divorce is never easy. This truly unique business is an online divorce platform billing itself as a faster and more affordable means of obtaining a divorce. The brand’s wordmark with dual fonts and colors perfectly conveys what the business offers, is easily recognizable, and most importantly, instantly grabs the attention of the viewer. 

Spartan Golf Club

The Spartan Golf Club logo perfectly embodies what a great logo design should be. It cleverly utilizes the glyph at the center, incorporating both the Spartan helmet (denoting the brand’s name) and the golfer mid-swing. The bold black lettering draws the viewer into the logo itself, which is truly memorable, visually conveying and distinguishing the brand’s identity. All the combined elements make this a truly brilliant logo.


The Plumwizard logo deftly incorporates the one tool immediately associated with plumbers: a plunger. The glyph is instantly recognizable to a target audience, precisely conveying what it is that the business offers the marketplace. Moreover, the branding is consistent, and the Plumwizard logo brilliantly distinguishes its brand identity. In addition, the logo is ideal for social media platforms.

The Guild of Food Writers

For nearly four decades, the Guild of Food Writers has been a professional association for food journalists and broadcasters. The brand’s logo brilliantly incorporates components of both aspects of the guild effectively distinguishing its identity: a fountain pen denoting writing, and a spoon denoting food. Additionally, the glyph is perfect for use as a social media icon. 

Westside Barbell

For over three decades, Westside Barbell has been an iconic brand associated with elite human performance. Westside Barbell’s legendary logo instantly evokes power and strength with the image of the pitbull lifting barbells and is truly memorable. Furthermore, the use of blue, black, and white coloring immediately grabs the attention of the viewer, further conveying health and fortitude.

Tour de France

The iconic Tour de France is one of the most famous sporting events in the world. The brand’s logo features a customized font that cleverly incorporates the symbol of a cyclist in the uppercase “R”. In addition, the use of the yellow circle for the wheel, likewise denotes the famous yellow jersey worn by the lead cyclist throughout the duration of the 23-day, 2000 mile endurance race.

Baskin Robbins

For over three-quarters of a century, Baskin Robbins has been an iconic ice cream chain. The brand’s newest logo was unveiled to the world in April 2022. As with past iterations of the logo, this version brilliantly incorporates the company’s famous slogan of “31 flavors”, meaning that customers can relish a different flavor every day of the month. 

In addition, the new logo includes brown, pink, and white, denoting Neopolitan ice cream, which features chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

Formula One

Few things conjure a sense of speed more than Formula 1 auto-racing. Throughout the years, the brand’s logo has seen several iterations, but this redesign has been in use since 2018. The logo features a bright red “F” leaning forward next to the “1”, conveying a sense of acceleration. The minimalist logo is sleek and modern compared to previous iterations of the brand, denoting power and speed – both components associated with the Formula 1 brand.

Fresh Leaf Co.

This eatery and juice bar offers an assortment of healthy meals and snacks. Its logo features a glyph that includes a bowl full of healthy greens, folk, and a spoon. The color palette of white and green evokes a sense of health and well-being. The logo not only grasps the attention of its target audience but brilliantly represents the essence of the brand.

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