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In any given month, millions of online searches are conducted looking for a physician. Thus, the medical sector is such a unique and crowded marketplace. To attract potential patients, physicians must consider essential elements such as doctor and medical clinic website design. In addition, for a medical practice to truly succeed by engaging and converting its target audience, you must think about things like local SEO and mobile marketing services. In this article, physicians and marketing experts discuss 9 things a great doctor’s website should have.

Adapt And Integrate Secure Video Consultations

“As with everything recently the world now defined by COViD and lockdown. This has changed everything for us all. As a surgeon trying my best to keep in touch with my patients and manage their stress and anxiety with not knowing when they can come into my office and see me, our website has become even more vital. Before it acted as a place to explain our services and as a glorified Yellow Pages listing – it is now our consulting room and practice. 

We have had to rapidly adapt and integrate secure video consultations, find ways of sharing diagnoses with Xrays, MRI, and CT being securely screen shared. The feedback has been surprisingly good and has set a new foundation for moving forwards in a new innovative and digital manner. It’s amazing to me the difference being able to see someone on video is so much more reassuring than a simple phone call. Now in the UK where our doors are reopening, patients don’t want to travel to see us anymore unless they have to. Having your surgeon at your desk at work on your iPhone is now the new norm. No more trudging through rush hour traffic with bored kids in the back. Virtual medicine is now alive and well. There had to be some sliver of a silver lining with this crazy pandemic.

Mark Frame, Consultant Orthopaedic Knee, and Trauma Surgeon, Wessex Knee Surgery

Any Great Doctor’s Page Should Be Integrated With Social Media In 2020

“One thing that is essential for an excellent doctor’s website nowadays is social proof. Once upon a time, you could rely strictly on credentials and academic achievements to be a successful doctor. Nowadays the landscape has changed, especially in regards to social proof and good word-of-mouth which are key to standing out from the competition.

So the website for your medical practice should include as much social proof as you can muster. Quoted testimonials are always good to have, especially if they are from real people. In the age of social media, you must at the very least have a LinkedIn profile and company page. Ideally, you would also have a Facebook page and potentially an Instagram too, so that you’re up to date with millennial trends.

Good reviews on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are golden and it’s very important to have a social media presence even as a doctor. Millennials and Gen-Xers like to go with the number of likes or suggestions from friends for just about any service these days, including seeking medical professionals over social media. So any great doctor’s page should be integrated with social media in 2020 to avoid looking like any other boring medical practice website.”

Lina Velikova, Medical Advisor, Supplements101

The Most Important Thing To Consider For A Doctor’s Website Is How Easy It Is To Navigate And An Online Booking System

“It’s important to be aesthetically pleasing. Many people fear the doctor’s office, so a warm welcoming website can do a lot to calm a patient’s nerves. But beyond the first impression, I believe the most important thing to consider for a doctor’s website is how easy it is to navigate. Many people visiting the site may not be super tech-savvy, so menus need to be clear and easy to understand. Patients of the practice should be able to easily access information regarding their care and medical record, as well as view pertinent information about the practice and download forms or paperwork that might be required for their next appointment.

An online booking system is also a must-have in my opinion. The booking process should be as simple and easy as possible with intuitive navigation and clear steps. It is also important not to forget mobile users, According to BookedIn, 76% of bookings take place via mobile for general categories, I’d imagine around the same percentage of medical appointments would also be booked on mobile. Another thing that is super helpful is a booking system that is set up to give automatic email or SMS reminders to avoid missed appointments.”

Charli Burbidge, Co-Founder, Petz

Social Proof Is An Important Part Of Any Website And Even More So For A Doctor’s Website

“Social proof is an important part of any website and even more so for a doctor’s website. As patients searching for a doctor online, we are literally entrusting our health and lives to this stranger that we have never met before. It takes a giant leap of faith but what can make this feel less daunting or intimidating is seeing social proof.

Seeing testimonials from other patients gives the searcher a sense of reassurance that the doctor has the necessary experience and expertise to deliver the goods. This helps the searcher make a decision, feel confident about their choice, and be a part of something bigger. Having media reports about the doctor on the website also builds up the authoritativeness of the doctor which further consolidates the trustworthiness.”

Albert Lee, Founder, Home Living Lab

Blog, FAQ, Offers Section, And Staff Section

“I think the most important components of a doctor’s website are:

Blog Section – Having a blog section on a doctor’s website is extremely important, as it can help promote a doctor’s medical practice. Besides making a doctor look more reputable and trustworthy, blog posts can improve the SEO ranking of the website and help acquire new patients.

There are a few ways doctors can write good blog posts, such as providing valuable information to their readers. This can be either sharing the latest breaking news in the medical field or explaining the most common medical problems and solutions to these problems. For instance, having a blog post about high blood sugar levels and how to treat it.

FAQ Section – Patients should have a FAQ section to clarify the most common questions before they schedule a meeting. Generally, people have one too many questions when scheduling a doctor’s appointments. It’s always the smartest idea to provide them with some most frequently asked information to save time and effort.

Offers Section – Doctors should highlight what kind of services they provide for their patients because it will both save their time by eliminating calls for the services they don’t provide and improve their ranking in the search engine.

Staff Section – In the case where practice employs several doctors, there should be a staff section where patients can find out more about their doctors. However, the staff section should go beyond just listing names, and doctors should ensure a list of their employees’ specialties, schools they went to, and a short biography.”

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD, Medical Advisor, HealthCareers

An integral aspect of success for doctor or medical clinics in our digital age is an excellent online presence. In order to attract, engage, and convert potential patients, physicians must have superb web design services in place for a respective clinic. In essence, this will help you flourish in 2020 and beyond.


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