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If you own a gym, a personal training business, or an online coaching consultancy, you might be tempted to put your name under a clip-art barbell, save it as a JPEG, and call it a day. But truly successful gyms and fitness brands don’t do this—they have original badass logos that make them stand out from the crowd. 

Don’t believe us? Check out some of the world’s best badass logos for the fitness industry we’ve reviewed in the list below. There, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for creating the world’s next knock-out logo in the fitness and personal training field. 


Our 9  Favorite Badass Logos for Fitness Companies

Aren’t sure where to start with your fitness logo design? Draw inspiration from any of these badass logos below, which do a great job of combining sophistication, originality, and strength, as every fitness logo should. 


1. Westside Barbell

The Westside Barbell logo has stood the test of time, and for a good reason. There are no other badass logos that quite compare to that of the legendary Westside Barbell. Although it’s sometimes seen with black and blue accents, the original logo is merely black and white. But that doesn’t stop it from being noticeable, since it features a powerful (yet goofy) central image of a Rottweiler lifting a loaded bar. 


2. Gymshark

The iconic Gymshark logo is instantly recognizable for its bold block letters and distinctive shark silhouette that’s seemingly emblazoned on every gym-goer’s clothing these days. The logo features bold black and blue lettering that exudes power and strength through its use of all-caps lettering. Then, the jagged teeth of the shark, and its severe and angular geometry, truly push this logo to the next level by creating a pointed, arrow-like design. 


3. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness does an incredible job of conveying inclusiveness and support with its friendly thumbs-up logo. The iconic Planet Fitness logo is an excellent case study in how to create a positive, affirming fitness brand through your logo. An encouraging thumbs up makes it clear that they’re happy to have you at their fitness center, and that simply showing up is a commendable effort.  


4. Curves

Although Curves might not be the first brand you think of when you think “fitness”, you have to admit they do a wonderful job of creating a soft and inviting brand image with their logo. This logo does two things very well. First, the purple lettering is distinctive and immediately sets it apart from most other fitness brands. Second, the rounded lettering reflects the name of the brand and symbolizes the many body types that they welcome in their studios.


5. Gold’s Gym

Perhaps the polar opposite of Curves is Gold’s Gym, which is a bodybuilder-oriented gym chain that caters to serious lifters. Their timeless logo hasn’t changed at all since its inception in 1973 by professional wrestler Ric Drasin, which involves a round yellow design that resembles a gold coin. It also utilizes a unique font style and, in the center, a muscular man with a bending barbell, which represents the type of customer they want to attract.


6. Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness has one of the most unique badass logos in the business. The design represents aggression and power and is often likened to old 90s-era pro wrestling logo designs. This logo not only makes great use of an original orange and red colorway, but it also features a creative use of the wordmark being grabbed by a clenched fist. One interpretation of this design is that the fist is “seizing” the word, like gym-goers who are seizing the day. 



7. Fit 4 Less

The Canadian gym brand Fit 4 Less does an exceptional job of proving that gym logos don’t have to be high-intensity. In fact, the company’s use of soft, wavy, and sans-serif lettering makes it clear that the brand is unserious and unpretentious. Plus, yellow is generally perceived to be a less aggressive color than many others. For this reason, we think Fit 4 Less is a case study on how to create a welcoming and unintimidating fitness logo.


8. 24 Hour Fitness

The 24 Hour Fitness logo is more creative than it appears at first sight. Since the main selling point of the brand is that they’re open at any hour of the day, their logo is framed in the shape of a clock. This reference to a clock helps its guests keep in mind that they’re welcome whenever they please, without having to tailor their schedule to the gym’s. Logos that refer to the gym’s main defining feature tend to be excellent performers.

9. Nimble Fitness

The New York City-based Nimble Fitness features an abstract green swirl design that symbolizes flexibility and suppleness. These bendy design features refer to the brand’s title (“Nimble”) in a creative way. More than that, this brand goes out on a limb by utilizing a bold green color scheme and uses alternating boldness in their wordmark, which adds a little extra “oomph” to keep the logo fresh in their guests’ minds. 

Create Badass Logos Today

Interested in creating a top-notch logo for your gym or fitness brand? Whether you’re a gym owner, apparel designer, or personal trainer, you’ve got to invest in a professionally designed logo package. Otherwise, your brand won’t separate itself from the crowd. To get started, hire an experienced fitness logo design service today. In addition, make sure people know your gym is nearby with local SEO services to give your company a competitive edge.



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