12 Tips For Excellent Package Design

Regardless of the industry, you must utilize effective package design for your brand and product to succeed. Likewise, to attract customers to your brand and product, companies must also be mindful of things like website design and reputation management. In this article, design experts discuss 12 tips for excellent package design.

To Create Beautiful Packaging, Start By Finding A Unique Way In

“To create beautiful packaging, start by finding a unique way in. Start with a container shape or graphic treatment that none of your competitors are using—that will immediately set you apart. Push the boundaries a bit—ask yourself, am I gravitating to this because it’s familiar, or because it’s the best possible solution?

Creating great packaging also means using beautiful graphics that tell the story of your brand. Sometimes this means a striking illustration or bright colors. Other times, it means doing the exact opposite and using only one or two colors. Whichever route you choose, this option should feel like it clearly conveys your brand’s message.

Another tip—Design every panel of your package or container. Try to push your branding so that each panel of the package feels as inspiring and crafted as the front-facing side. The goal is to create packaging so beautiful, people feel guilty throwing it away.

And of course, it’s important that you consider sustainability when looking at your packaging options. The coolest packaging solution is not always the one that is best for your brand. For example, choosing a thick, double-wall plastic glass could do more damage to both the environment and your brand, even if it does stand out more on a shelf. Weigh your options, and your impact, very seriously.”

Morgan Light, Independent Designer, and Brand Consultant

Before You Even Start Designing Your Package, You Must First Create A Mood Board

“As someone who is in the business industry, my company produces skincare products and designing the packaging of every product is an essential part of its creation.

Before you even start designing your package, you must first create a mood board. Pull together images, colors, advertisements, and whatever else you feel embodies your brand personality; as you go through the design process, these will act as inspiration.

There’s no easier way to continue if you’d like some motivation for your packaging concept than gazing at the new developments in cosmetics packaging. When you know what’s happening right now, you will build advertising that caters to what’s important right now for your consumers and that appeals to them in the same way.

Remember to pick a look that’s both modern and trendy, but also timeless and universally appealing, so your packaging design looks as up-to-date as long as you can.”

Lesley Reynolds, Co-Founder, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

Call Attention To The Buyer, Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Packaging, Keep It Simple, User-Friendly Package Sealing  

“The first impression lasts according to say. As a content ambassador, I can say that packaging plays an important role in the product in a retail environment. It is an important factor in maintaining the product in good condition. Well-designed product packaging can go a long way in putting your product into the hands of buyers. And I believe the most important component in product design is it must standout by communicating the very essence of the product’s unique selling proposition.

Here are my tips for excellent package design:

It must call attention to the buyer – proper layout, attractive colors, large fonts can get the attraction to buyers, and may stand out because of the unique and attractive design.

Sustainable packaging – just like with the colors and texture so the materials also need to be in line with the design theme. It plays an important role to retain the freshness of the product, extends shelf life, and ensures safety.

Put the right information – keep it simple and do not overwhelm the product with too much text.

User-friendly package sealing – make it easy to open and easy to reseal.

Packaging must be eco-friendly – it is made out of materials that are healthy and safe for people and the environment. It optimizes the use of recycled materials.”

Samantha Moss, Editor & Content Ambassador, Romantific

The Best Component Of Great Packaging Should Be Designed With Clarity From The Packaging Itself

“As a consumer myself, I will not lie that the design of the packaging affects my impression of a product. Sometimes, I am certain that if the packaging is well designed, it contains a great item. Just like in books, we often judge the book by its cover and so items that we judge and criticized by its packaging. The packaging is a very powerful component of a product because it is the first thing that will be able to communicate with your consumers which will give impressions to them. You will know how good the product is if they take a great time designing it.

A product with clear packaging is more likely to be bought rather than a product with a poorly designed packaging. For me, the best component of great packaging should be designed with clarity from the packaging itself. Consumers should know what is the product itself and/or what is the product is for within seconds after seeing it. A good design should be self-explanatory that it should be able to talk to consumers about the product. All information that you want to tell your consumers should be easily be seen in it to have an effective design.”

John Howard, CEO, Coupon Lawn

Know The Environment, Structure Needs To Be Part Of The Design, Clear Branding, Limit Pictures And Copy, Mock-Ups Are A Must

“My tips for excellent package design are as follows:

Know the environment – Before you start designing, you need to make sure you know exactly how and where this package will appear when it’s being sold. If it’s being sold at retail, do you know which shelf it’s going to be on and who the competitors are that will be next to you? Store walks are important to research this information and can be fun and educational all at the same time.

Structure needs to be part of the design – Structure gives you shape and feel. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see. Clients will come to us with the structure already in place. A good package design team can help visualize how the project will look on the shelf. The overall shape of the product and package will be one of the first things people see. Make sure the shape of the package communicates what you need it to communicate. Do you need your product to fit in or stand out? Consumers see color first and then shape. So, keep in mind that the shape can really communicate features and benefits in ways that images and copy cannot. Structure also gives the ability to appeal to the sense of touch. This gives you the opportunity to think about how the package feels. Do you need to spend additional money on the weight of the box, or should it just function to hold and protect the product? Maybe you even look into unique printing techniques to help the general feel of the packaging.

The brand needs to be clear – Place the brand front and center. If you’re not a major brand name that spends several millions of dollars on marketing and advertising, branding can be critical. Make sure your brand is front and center. Ensure the consumer understands who is offering this product and don’t hide or clutter your brand name/logo. The brand should also be clearly visible and not crowed by product features and benefits.

Limit yourself and your pictures and copy – When you start writing your headlines and copy, limit yourself. Communicate the benefit versus the how-to. Using all of the technical jargon will only confuse the consumer. Once your shopper picks up your product in one hand, imagine they have the competitor’s product in the other. What will your product package say that the other does not? Why is your product truly better? List the top few reasons, not the top 10 reasons. Quality pictures and illustrations are also better than copy points. Use them to help communicate the value and be mindful of duplicating copy and images. There is no reason to show and tell them the same thing. Treat each point and picture as its own unique selling feature.

Mock-ups are a must – Once you have your packaging designed, invest in a full-size mock-up. It will look different at 100% scale versus on your computer screen. Have it printed full size and If you can, place it in the shopping environment and stand back and look at it. Does it communicate what you want it to communicate? Is the brand front and center? Does it show off the product’s features and benefits like you want? Can you read the copy without any issues? Are the images clear? This is the only way you’ll know if your packaging communicates the messages that you are trying to get across. Mock-ups matter and should not be skipped, especially if this is the first time you are going through this process.”

Greg Corey, Founder and Principal, Porchlight

There are several elements that contribute to excellent package design. In many ways, without an exceptionally designed package, your product will simply not sell. Additionally, to ensure that you have great online presence, business owners should think about things like search engine optimization and local SEO.

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