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Real Estate Logo: 6 Ideas for an Unforgettable Real Estate Company Logo

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Whether you’re a real estate agent, broker, or manage a real estate investment trust (REIT), you need a memorable logo if you want your brand to gain traction. However, not every real estate entrepreneur knows what to include in a successful logo (or what to exclude). 

That’s why we put together this short guide to creating an engaging and recognizable logo from scratch that you can apply in the real estate industry. If you’re looking for inspiration for a real estate logo, look no further. Below, we’ve listed the best designs for real estate companies that we’ve found on the market. 


Our Top 6 Real Estate Logos for Agents, Brokers, and REITs

As real estate professionals, it’s crucial that you nurture leads and help your clients close deals on properties. However, this isn’t possible unless your brand is visible and professional. A logo is the first and most important step in achieving that level of professionalism. To get you started, take inspiration from any of these designer-approved real estate logos below. 


1. RM Friedland

This New York-based real estate brokerage has an excellent logo because it features complementary colors, uniform fonts, and a simple wordmark. Nobody ever said that logos have to be fancy or over-the-top to stand out. Sometimes, simply choosing two colors that work well together and framing them within a wordmark is enough to get the job done.

In this case, the company does an excellent job of creating harmony between the two colors, and features large and small text above and below one another very neatly. A secondary benefit of this design is that it can be easily scaled down to a lettermark in which the logo is reduced to the initials “RMF” with the “F” remaining in its signature red font. 

2. Terrie O’Connor Realtors

Designers don’t often advise mixing up fonts but, in this case, it’s done exceptionally well. For this real estate agency, the “O” in the name “O’Connor” is stylized in cursive as a stand-out feature. Adding small contrasts such as these can go a long way toward creating a memorable design. After all, imagine if the “O” wasn’t stylized differently? If that were the case, the logo would look much more plain and far less recognizable. 

Overall, this logo found a subtle way to turn a very ordinary wordmark logo and transform it into something sophisticated and original simply by changing the font of a single letter. In our books, that’s an impressive achievement at the expense of minimal effort.

3. Highline Residential

In the case of Highline Residential, we have a logo that you wouldn’t expect to find among a realty company. In fact, you’re more likely to see such a minimalist, square-framed logo accompany a Silicon Valley technology firm than a residential real estate outfit. In our books, that’s a huge plus—after all, Highline has totally set itself apart from its competition.

Another design element that Highline captures well is their use of symmetry, as well as symbolism. The “H” and the “L” are near mirrors of one another, and this effect looks well-composed within their black frame. Side-by-side, the letters even look somewhat like buildings themselves. Although we would’ve rather seen their logo incorporate a more vibrant color, this logo has a lot going for it. 

4. Rose Associates

The Manhattan-based Rose Associates is a great example of a sharp, complicated logo done right. This logo features a rather intricate geometric shape next to text that varies in size. Therefore, we’ve got a lot of contrasting elements here that, perhaps paradoxically, combine to create a sense of harmony. 

The shape, presumably resembling a rose, is certainly unique and features a bold burgundy color. To the right, the use of their wordmark is well-placed, and I commend how they included the company’s name in a way that stands out and indeed rises above the text underneath it. 

5. Spire Group Real Estate

Spire Group Real Estate’s logo, much like Highline Residential (#3), features a square-framed logo that’s reminiscent of a high-tech company. However, the logo does a great job of including its industry underneath the main wordmark logo. This way, there’s no confusion as to what kind of company Spire is. 

There are two elements that Spire Group does very well with this logo. First, it’s arrow-shape dot over the letter “I” is ingenious as it represents a rooftop. Additionally, the arrow-shaped “I” is used as the company’s lettermark when they need to use a smaller logo, which is an excellent brand marker. Last, the use of bright green represents optimism and profitability, something which real estate professionals should always stand for. 

6. Goldstein Group

Although subtly, the Goldstein Group does a great job of using its logo to play on its corporate name. Their logo involves overlapping “G” letters, which refers to the initials of their company. This playfulness stands in contrast to the overall seriousness of the logo, which has the appearance of a Hollywood production studio. 

The Goldstein Group also does well to change up their font colors to reflect a gold-blue color scheme. Not only do these two colors complement each other well, but they also help make the word “RETAIL” stand out even though it’s significantly smaller in size. In this way, they make expert use of color to draw attention to the key detail they want to convey. 

Don’t Wait, Create an Award-Winning Real Estate Logo Today

Obviously, you can’t simply imitate the design of another real estate logo. Not only is this potentially illegal, but if you want to stand out, you have to add some originality. 

Luckily, we can help you do that. At IronMonk, our in-house graphic designers have years of experience crafting stellar logos for real estate agents, brokers, and REITs. To get started, hire a real estate website designer today. Our team of experts would be happy to create a logo made to your exact specifications, all within a tight time frame. 



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