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Kickass Package Design: 5 Examples of Excellent Package Design

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Irrespective of the industry that you are operating in, for a brand and product to thrive, effective packaging design must be factored into the equation. Moreover, businesses should also think about imperative elements like website design and reputation management. In this article, design experts discuss 5 examples of excellent package design.

(Image Credit: www.fieldapothecary.com/herbal-remedies/clear-thinking-tincture)

The Label Is Modern, Not Very Intimidating, And It Provides All The Information That A User Needs

“This ‘Field Apothecary’ cough syrup has a particular approach to the design of pharma labels. The logo exudes a relaxed aura, which gives the illusion that the firm is pleasant and harmless.

The front and middle sketches of the flowers compel the customer to give it a second glance. Overall, the label is modern, not very intimidating, and it provides all the information that a user needs to learn how to take the syrup for cough.”

Dr. Vikram Tarugu, CEO, Detox of South Florida

(Image Credit: www.thegreekfoundation.com/gastronomy/harmonian-by-mousegraphics)

They Designed Simple White Surfaces (Packages) That Are Characterized By The Illusion Of A Cut

“The Greek food company ‘Harmonian’ preferred for a spindle shape design that conveys harmony and balance, as well as mathematical perfection. Using the famous Tagli (slash) pieces by Lucio Fontana as additional inspiration, they designed simple white surfaces (packages) that are characterized by the illusion of a cut.”

Matt Scott, Owner, Termite Survey

(Image Credit: www.gaatha.com)

Packaging Reflects The Simplicity And Environmentally-Friendly Behavior Of Handmade Products

“In an era driven by industry, we bring you one step closer to a world of handmade treasures from the interiors of India. We believe our packaging should also reflect the simplicity and environmentally-friendly behavior of handmade products.

We believe exceptional package design is not just a graphics/form, but it should also reflect your philosophy.

Most of our products are handloom and handmade textiles with a very low carbon footprint. First, we put our product in to recycle paper envelope, and then we cover it in ‘jute fabric’ with a fine layer of plastic (to make it waterproof). Apart from tape, no other material is a harmful waste. Customers can also reuse Jute.”

Sumiran Pandya, Co-founder, Gaatha

(Image Credit: www.201yogurt.com)

Each Contains A 3.5-Ounce Serving, So It’s Easy To Hold, Easy To Take With You, And Easy To Eat

“Exceptional package design must consider the needs of your customers. How do they use your product? How do they store your product? I founded 201 Energy Yogurt with the goal of helping busy parents get their caffeine fix through healthy yogurt instead of energy drinks with ingredients you can’t pronounce. I knew that parents like me didn’t have the time to grab a spoon for our product. They’re on the go, and their caffeine boost needed to be the same. So we developed a pouch offering that can be tossed in a bag and taken anywhere. Each contains a 3.5-ounce serving, so it’s easy to hold, easy to take with you and easy to eat. As we developed our product, we talked extensively with customers, making many improvements along the way based on their feedback. Always, always talk to your customers.”

Marina Christmas, Founder, 201 Energy Yogurt

The Best Packaging Utilizes Eco-Friendly Materials

“The best packaging I see fit nowadays are those that utilize eco-friendly materials. It should be our social responsibility to give back to our environment. Excellent packaging is one that does not only attract buyers to grab the product but also motivate customers to give back to the environment and think of how this simple act can help the future generation.

Examples of this type of packaging are banana leaves, which are famous now at groceries in Asia, and sugarcane containers which are best for cookies, brownies, and loaves. The most important design packaging is one that highlights what the company or the brand supports.

A package should not be just elegant or attractive – It should be beautiful or impressive and at least sustainable.”

Willie Greer, Founder, The Product Analyst

Colors, Graphic Design, And Materials Are Probably The Most Important Factors In Your Packaging Design

“Packaging design is all about balancing the information you want to convey (your logo, design, or product information) with elements of design that enhance your branding and signature style. The choice of colors, graphic design, and materials are probably the most important factors in your packaging design.

Your packaging is meant to represent your brand and/or your products to consumers. When a customer sees your packaging you want them to be able to immediately recognize your branding and what the message of your design is. Using colors, designs, and font styles that are consistent with your business’s branding is essential in creating that connection. 

Generally, simple is better when it comes to design, and you want to find balance between creative design and informational elements without losing the integrity of your message. You can also use contrasting colors, graphic elements, and unique textures to make your packaging more eye-catching to visually draw people in..

Packaging also serves an important functional purpose, and that cannot be overlooked. Packaging needs to hold your products securely and provide a functional vessel for your items. You also want to consider the tactile elements of your packaging. How does it feel to touch your packaging? Customers may judge the quality of your products in relation to how your packaging looks, feels, and functions. Overall, packaging design is a multi-faceted endeavor that requires collaboration between great designers, marketers, and manufacturers.”

Jessica Wells, Marketing Manager, Morgan Chaney Packaging

Excellent package design necessitates a confluence of several integral elements. In truth, without exceptional package design, a product simply will not sell. In addition, companies must ensure that they have a stellar online presence with professional services such as search engine optimization and local SEO.


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