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Healthcare Logo: 6 Creative Ideas for Designing an Amazing Healthcare Logo

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Do you own your own medical clinic, family medical practice, or maybe a chiropractic or naturopathic clinic? If so, you’ve got stiff competition. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector, a top-notch brand is a must. That starts with designing a warm, welcoming, and memorable healthcare logo. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go about creating a healthcare logo alone. With the help of expert designers, you can craft a beautiful logo and brand marker that will naturally attract patients with its inviting allure that evokes feelings of comfort and compassion. But, if you’re looking for quick inspiration, we’ve provided a short list of some of our designers’ top-rated healthcare logos used by actual clinics below. 


Our Top 6 Healthcare Logos for Medical Professionals

In the healthcare market, you can’t provide care if patients aren’t walking through your doors. Luckily, a good logo and expert branding can give your business the positive attention it needs. Below, we’ve listed some of the healthcare logos we thought were beautifully designed; this way, you can get a sense of what to include in your own healthcare logo.


1. BronxCare Health System

The BronxCare Health System logo is an excellent case study in how to design a stunning color scheme that radiates soft, compassionate energy. Their tri-color blue scheme is gentle yet attractive to the eye and subtly hints to the fact that health is a holistic concept; meaning that healthfulness can materialize in different ways, and that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness.

Their logo also does a great job illustrating the importance of font variation (when done tastefully, that is). They use three different fonts in their wordmark, and add bold emphasis on “Bronx”, which conveys the importance of their community in the work they do. This is a brilliant design feature that other healthcare logos would do well to imitate. 


2. Easterseals New York

The Easterseals are one of the world’s leading organizations providing critical care and support to disabled persons. Traditionally, the Easterseals used a classical emblem logo that, to be honest, looked a little stuffy and stuck in the past. By contrast, this logo refresh feels modern and original. 

This logo is a great example of how to take an old, uninspiring logo and make it look and feel new. Using an all lowercase wordmark, as well as three distinct yet cooperative colors, Easterseals New York created a snappy, gentle image that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Although their logo is reminiscent of Walmart’s, it’s still a fresh design that uses a “radiant star” motif to symbolize the energy they restore to their patients.

3. Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

Sometimes all it takes is knowing your audience, and what they want. Case in point: Callen-Lorde, a community healthcare center in the heart of Manhattan’s hip Chelsea district. Although their logo is far from what you might expect from a medical clinic, that’s exactly what makes it so appealing.

The Callen-Lorde logo looks like it befits a fashion retailer on 5th Avenue more than a doctor’s office. Yet, it works, given the clinic’s location. From a design standpoint, there’s not much to comment on aside from the bold use of Impact font and a daring use of turquoise coloring. However, it’s the fact that they appeal to their patient’s artistic, fashionable sensibilities that makes this logo a real stunner. 


4. Versacare Foundation

This not-for-profit foundation’s logo does a great job incorporating a classic symbol of compassion and warmth: the human heart. When it comes to healthcare logos, there are few symbols more powerful than a heart, or a hug between two loved ones. In this logo, you get both. Although it would be unoriginal to copy it, feel free to take inspiration from the fact that their heart emblem mimics two individuals hugging each other.

Beyond that, we have yet another top-notch example of color and font variation. While sticking with the blue color scheme (have you noticed a trend yet?), Versacare makes good use of several blue shades to draw attention to the word “Foundation”. This has the effect of emphasizing that they are a charitable foundation, which is likely a key differentiating factor for them that they want to bring attention to.


5. The Floating Hospital

Although The Floating Hospital is far from a perfect logo, it does one thing exceptionally well: it proves that you can go out on a limb with your symbolism. A floating ship at sea is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a health clinic. However, The Floating Hospital took a bold direction in crafting this logo and it paid off in spades. For those in distress, their symbolism invokes safety, refuge, and a sense of rescue on the horizon.


6. Maple 

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, and new brands need to reflect that in their logos. Maple, a Canadian telehealth company, is one the forefront of the e-health revolution. This cutting-edge position in the healthcare industry is evident in their logo, which looks appropriate for a Silicon Valley tech company. 

If you own a healthcare tech company, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from tech startup branding. In Maple’s case, they take a square-framed logo that’s popular in tech circles and make it appear compassionate and trustworthy due to their use of soft red-orange coloring and curvy, serif-free font. 


Have Your Healthcare Logo Designed by Experts Today

If you’re a medical entrepreneur or operate a healthcare business, you’re up against well-funded and often institutionalized competition. To compete, you have to give yourself an edge in the market. An easy way to do that is to invest in an original, well-designed logo, and other key pieces of branding. 

To create a stand-out logo, you can’t rely on cheap logomaker services or DIY methods. If you want the job done right, trust a designer. For a free, no-obligation quote from our design team with years of experience creating healthcare logos, contact our healthcare web designers today.



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