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Dentist Logo: 10 Ideas to Get You Inspired to Create a Kickass Logo for Your Dental Clinic

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Are you searching for the best logo for your dental practice? Believe it or not, there’s more to a dental clinic’s logo than a clip art molar with a name written under it. An original dentist logo is one that sets itself apart from the rest, and makes an original statement. Unsurprisingly, unique logos such as these tend to attract more business.

Although the British public broadcaster BBC spent a whopping $1.8 billion on their classic logo design, you don’t need to go to such extremes to create something memorable. A well-designed dentist’s logo is simply one that is distinct, recognizable, and one that attracts positive attention. 

To help you design a top-notch dental clinic logo, we’ve put together a list of some of the most successful dentist logos from around the world. 


Our Top 10 Dentist Logo Picks

Below, we listed each of our favorite dentist logos and wrote a short guide as to why they were so successful in drawing in new business and carving out a niche in their market.


1. Central Park Dental Aesthetics (New York, NY)

One of our favorite dental clinic logos is that of Central Park Dental Aesthetics, which is based in Manhattan, New York. This logo sports a unique floral-inspired design with a consistent light-burgundy colorway. 

An interesting brand marker that’s utilized in this logo is their choice of the word “aesthetics” rather than dental “clinic” or “office”. This distinction signifies cosmetic luxury rather than a focus on medical operations, which is what “clinic” tends to imply. Therefore, adding this term to their logo does well to separate their practice from their competitors. 


2. Smile Science Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Another excellent example of a distinct dental logo is Smile Science Chicago’s. This dental clinic strays from the played-out trope within the dental profession of displaying a tooth in the logo of the clinic. Rather, they use an abstract green-on-green square with a white upward curve that cuts through the middle, suggesting the appearance of a smile. 

There are several other interesting aspects of this dentist logo. For instance, it features the city in which the clinic is located directly in the name and logo. Second, it features different fonts, capitalizations, and boldness for each word in the logo’s typeface. These are all unique additions that help make this dental logo stand out from the industry standard.


3. Overmeyer Family Dental (Orlando, FL)

I quite like the simplicity and elegance of the Overmeyer Family Dental logo, which belongs to a family practice based out of Orlando, Florida. Yet again, we have another dental practice whose logo doesn’t feature a tooth. Instead, its logo consists of a boxed-in “O” shape, a reference to the Overmeyer name, but could also represent a promise ring. It conveys a sense of trust and mutual respect between the practitioner and patient.


4. Brookhaven Children’s Dentistry (Atlanta, GA)

The example below, from Brookhaven Children’s Dentistry, is a perfect example of how a pediatric dental office should brand itself. Here we have a complex, multi-colored logo that exudes playfulness in a way that a child would appreciate. On closer inspection, the star shape appears composed of teeth, which is a clever spin on the traditional molar image that so many dental offices use uncreatively. 


5. Gentry Dentistry (San Francisco, CA)

Who says dentist logos have to be flashy? In the case of Gentry Dentistry, which is based in San Francisco, its logo is nondescript and minimalistic. However, it’s also successful in leaving an impression that isn’t too confusing for its audience. The worst thing you can do with a dental logo is to make it overwhelming and impossible to decipher. Sometimes, a simple initial letter logo is enough to get the job done. 


6. Huckabee & Huckabee Family Dentistry (Kansas City, MO)

If you can find an original way to incorporate a tooth into your design, do it. If not, you’re better off choosing a different design. In the case of Kansas City’s Huckabee & Huckabee Family Dentistry, they were able to create a unique tooth design using the white space between the initials of their name. This is an excellent use of negative space that puts an interesting spin on an otherwise played-out design trope.


7. Grand River Family Dentistry (Detroit, MI)

Here we have yet another pleasant rendering of a dentist’s logo involving a tooth. Although slightly lacking in originality in some aspects, the logo does well to incorporate a unified color scheme to reference the blue of the local Grand River. The river-like design that flows across the tooth image is a nice touch that I think truly ties this logo together in a way that will capture its audience’s attention. 


8. New York Dental Office (New York, NY)

Although the clinic’s name might be lacking in originality, its logo sure isn’t. This logo is another great case study in how to use white space effectively. Here, they morph white space around an outline of the Empire State Building (a local reference) to form an image of a molar. New York Dental Office does an outstanding job in tying together a local-level symbol with a relevant indicator of what their business does in a visually appealing way. 


9. Village Family Dental (Dallas, TX)

The logo of Village Family Dental, in Dallas, Texas, is an interesting one. It provides just enough ambiguity in its design to inspire thought. The two mounds that appear to be an extension of the “V” in the clinic’s name could represent a variety of things, including waves or rolling hills. Although at face value they represent the crown of a molar, it could be that they might also represent some local landmark or geographical feature.


10. Burrow, Welchel & Culp Orthodontics (Charlotte, NC)

Specializing in orthodontics, the clinic of Burrow, Welchel & Culp sports a sophisticated logo that exudes the seriousness of a law firm. Their logo takes a bold stance by adopting an all-green color scheme that few businesses do, which is a great differentiating factor. Then, their logo is stylized like a consultancy or a legal firm, which imbues the design with an austere sense of professionalism. 


Ready to Take Your Dentist Logo to the Next Level?

If you’re looking to create an eye-catching dentist logo, trust a professional graphic designer to get the job done right. To get started, hire a dental website design service to handle your graphics and online presentation. This way, you too can create an award-winning look for your dental office that will bring in more business. 


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