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Automotive Logo: 6 Awesome Ideas for a Great Automotive Company Logo

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Do you have an auto maintenance shop, garage, collision repair, or auto body shop? If so, it’s essential that you create a memorable and professional brand for your company. Otherwise, new customers might pass over you for your competition who more seriously invested in their branding.

Luckily, creating an automotive logo doesn’t have to drive you crazy. If you know the basics of a good automotive design, you can whip up an incredible logo that your customers (and competitors) won’t soon forget.

To give you an idea of what to look for in a good automotive logo, our team of designers put together a list of our favorite examples of logos used by real-world garages and auto shops. Ready to learn what makes a good automotive logo? Fasten your seatbelts, let’s go! 


Our Top 6 Ranked Automotive Logos for Auto Industry Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a mechanic, importer, or have any other automotive-related company, you need a great logo to assert your company as a trustworthy and professional service. When it comes time to create your automotive logo, take inspiration from any of our designer’s top automotive logo picks below. 


1. Earth Garage

Earth Garage is a resource for learning about electric vehicles (EVs) and other eco-conscious cars, and they also happen to be a great case study for designing a great logo. The company’s green and turquoise wordmark perfectly conveys their eco-friendly brand identity, while also expressing their approachable, friendly vibe with a sans-serif font. 

The success of Earth Garage’s logo is in part attributed to its no-nonsense, no-filler minimalist design. Simply put, you don’t have to go over the top to create an effective logo. Sometimes simply choosing a cheerful font style with appropriate coloring is enough. However, it wouldn’t be the same without the italicized and turquoise-colored letter “e” that gives the logo enough variation to make it memorable.   


2. Ezytire

Ezytire is a great example of how to do a minimalist logo without going too minimal on the details. Although it’s somewhat reminiscent of the Amazon logo, we think it does a great job of coming across as fresh and innovative. This suits the company well, since they are an online platform that connects tire retailers to prospective buyers. 

Like the logo we reviewed previously, Ezytire builds on a modern trend of only using lowercase letters for their wordmark. However, they inject a little extra differentiation by using two different colors to separate the two halves of their company name. To put a cherry on top, they add in a clever curved blue line underneath “tire” to convey their forward-facing position in the industry.


3. Vroom

We love Vroom’s logo because it dares to do what few other automotive logos have done before: use a brightly colored-in frame. Their logo’s all-red frame immediately makes it recognizable in the minds of their customers and renders it distinguishable from their competitors. Although it reminds us of the Supreme streetwear logo, their industries are dissimilar enough to make it not worth worrying about. 

Ultimately, this is another minimalist logo that gets the job done well. You don’t need to get too fancy. Rather, what’s more important is making your logo instantly recognizable, bold, and vaguely hinting toward the automotive industry. In this case, the central “vroom” text emphasizes speed and precision, keywords that are surely on their customers’ minds. 


4. Dealertrack

There’s a lot to love about Dealertrack’s logo. This automotive supply chain company gets several things really right about its design. First, they chose a simple font that’s not too loud or in-your-face as some thicker and more prominent fonts. 

Next, they keep their logo’s blue frame small and adjacent to their wordmark. Often, designers try to make their symbols too large and, in doing so, distract from the wordmark that contains the company’s name which is the more important feature to emphasize. Plus, the way that their white initials in the blue frame is italicized is suggestive of speed, which is something that’s top of mind for many customers in the automotive supply chain. 

5. Cox Automotive

Circular logos aren’t very popular in the automotive industry, which is exactly why Cox Automotive’s circle-framed logo is a winner. This company works on the financial side of the industry, which suits their logo’s austere and serious appearance. However, encasing their blunt, serious text in a blue circle helps tone it down and bring the logo down to earth, so to speak. 

Cox Automotive’s logo proves that sometimes all you need is a little color to turn an otherwise plain, nondescript logo into something special. However, it takes a keen eye for good design to know when a color and shape suits a brand, or if they’re better off opting for something else.



6. Dealer Inspire

The Dealer Inspire logo is more than meets the eye. This logo, although appearing purely abstract at first, is stylized in the shape of the company’s initials—that is, containing both an uppercase “D” and a lowercase “i”. The use of soft blue to dot the letter “i” is an excellent addition that takes an otherwise cold and futuristic logo and makes it feel homey and inviting.

As far as pure logos go, without wordmarks, Dealer Inspire’s is a hit. It makes its viewer think, but not think too much. Which, in our books, is always the effect of a great design. 

Put Your Business in the Fast Lane, Invest in a Professional Logo

As an automotive entrepreneur, you can’t expect yourself to do everything. If you don’t have the design chops to create a top-notch logo, consider hiring a professional designer to get the job done. That way, you can stay hard at work growing your business while a design team handles your branding and logo creation.

When it comes time to create an automotive logo for your business, give our team a call. Our award-winning designers have years of experience creating logos for mechanics, auto body shops, and auto importers and exporters. Don’t wait—contact our automotive website designers today for a free, no-obligation quote. 



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