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We provide innovative web design solutions for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms around the globe. Our expert team will help you design a modern, user-friendly, search engine optimized website that will greatly help you attract, engage, and captivate your audience… turning your visitors into clients.

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Lawyer & Attorney Web Layout Design

We offer industry-leading lawyer website layout design services to help your business excel in the fast-paced and crowded digital marketplace. Be seen, heard, and capture your target audience through sleek, modern user-friendly website layout design. Whether you need a pre-made template adapted to your needs or a design built from scratch for your business, we have everything you need at IronMonk.

Lawyer WordPress Theme Setup

Here at IronMonk, our company consists of a highly creative and talented website design team of WordPress gurus who are here to help you create the dream WordPress website for your law firm. With almost half the websites online now using WordPress due to its reliability and user-friendliness, it’s easy to see why your website should be a WordPress site. Our web design agency will setup your WordPress theme and gear it for a fine-tuned user experience to help capture your audience.

Domain & DNS Setup

You have enough to worry about while running a law firm, you don’t have the time to spare in order to figure out domain and DNS settings while designing your website… let the web experts here at IronMonk take care of that for you. Whether you already have a domain or would like us to secure one for you, the expert web development team at our lawyer design and marketing agency will take care of everything for you and ensure your domain and DNS settings are setup properly for your company’s website. 

Hosting & DB Creation

Do you need hosting services? Do you have your own hosting already? Either way our development team offer their expert services to setup and optimize your hosting plan. Here at IronMonk, our lawyer website design company believes in a full-service approach so you can focus on the task of running your business. We will ensure your host settings are optimally configured and your database is created and setup properly for the optimal performance of your website.

QA Testing

At IronMonk, our web designers specializing in lawyer and attorney websites are all about the details. Our design and marketing agency focuses on every aspect of your website to ensure it is running at peak performance. Through extensive QA testing, we will ensure that your law firm website is of the highest possible quality for the benefit of your customers. Our extensive QA testing services will address and prevent any issues with your website performance to ensure a truly great user experience (UX) for all your customers.

Law Firm Web Maintenance

Your website does not begin and end with web design. Designing and building a website is one thing, but lawyer web maintenance is extremely important to maintain an optimal user experience (UX) and the continued overall security of your new website. We offer top-notch website maintenance services to keep your website running like a well-oiled machine and to help you keep your law firm website up-to-date, safe, and secure. 

Lawyer & Attorney Content Writing & Optimization

Content is and always will be both “king and queen”. Without dynamic, unique, and truly engaging content that is geared to your target audience your website will get lost in the crowd. Your website can look as slick and modern as any site on the internet, but without content, your lawyer website will not be successful. The talented copywriters and search marketing specialists here at our agency offer content writing and optimization services to help your voice be heard so your website and law firm can thrive.

Google Tools Setup (Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager)

Keeping an edge on your competition and analyzing your traffic is key to the sustained success of your law practice in this ultra-competitive digital world. Here at IronMonk, our full-service website design and marketing agency offer the full array of Google related services to help your lawyer, attorney or law firm website get the upper hand on your competitors, so your business can truly excel against your competition to maximize your reach and ultimately your ROI.

Law Firm Mobile Design

The world is on their phones, so your business needs to be also. A walk down your street or a simple glance out your window is all it takes to realize that everyone is constantly on their phones. The way of doing business has changed and your lawyer, attorney, or law firm needs to change with it in order to stay relevant and succeed. Our website designers will help focus your website for mobile users, offering your audience a fast, intuitive, and sleek mobile user experience to expand your reach so you can engage, captivate, and convert your growing mobile traffic.

Social Media Inclusion

Lawyers and attorneys nowadays without a social media presence are almost guaranteed to not fully maximize their growth potential. Social media inclusion is of paramount importance in today’s marketplace as it provides you with invaluable exposure at little cost to your business. Our company’s social media experts are here to help you expand the reach of your business into the social media space so that your law firm can reach its true potential.

Training & Support

Here at IronMonk, our full-service web design and marketing agency are focused on ensuring you have everything you need to succeed. We don’t just simply design a website for you and then leave you to figure out the rest, our team of expert web designers offer extensive web training services and support for your lawyer, attorney, or law firm website to make sure you have all the tools needed to edit, update and maintain your website.

Reputation Management Services

Managing your online reputation is an extremely important aspect of any successful law practice. Our experienced online marketing team offers stellar reputation management services to help you build an ironclad online reputation for your business so you can best compete and thrive in today’s ultra-competitive lawyer, attorney, and law firm market. Build your brand equity and be proactive, not reactive, to help your brand’s reputation grow so your business can flourish.



Discussion & Brainstorming

Every successful website design project starts with a great conversation and creative ideas. Let’s get to know your core brand values to create a custom web design that is modern, user-friendly, and resonates with your audience.

PSD Layout Design

We design multiple layout variations of your custom theme in Photoshop and show you different website layout options for your business. Collaborative and creative, this is where we produce layout designs and refine them until they are perfect.

DEV Mode Setup

We will create a DEV (development) mode setup either on your existing host server (if you have one already) or on our server. In this stage of the design process, your approved PSD layout design is brought to life as a fully functioning website. Here we will build, stylize, optimize, and test your new site.

First Version Delivery

Once your website design has been built in the DEV environment and ready we will deliver the first version for your review. Your new site will be privately published online and we will send you a direct link and secure password to review your shiny new website.

Changes & Modifications

Here is where we work with you to fine-tune and refine your website to the point of perfection. We ensure everything is perfect and exactly the way you want it prior to finalizing. Once we get your site exactly the way you want it we will finalize your website design. Your new website is now ready!

Final Delivery, Training & Support

Once approved, we optimize and test your website in final preparations prior to launch. Once completed your website is migrated and launched live to showcase to the world! We also offer training and dedicated support to ensure you have everything needed to grow and flourish.



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What Our Clients Are Saying

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With over 12 years in business, the positive reviews from our clients, our list of certifications, and our 30 day money-back guarantee, its easy to see why IronMonk Solutions is the clear choice for your next lawyer design or marketing project!

IronMonk was founded in 2008. Our website design and marketing company has a long track record of success and is only getting stronger. Through our extensive international list of esteemed clients such as the United Nations/UNICEF and being featured in the likes of Forbes and Inc. magazine, it is easy to see why businesses choose IronMonk Solutions for all their lawyer and attorney needs. Whether it be web design, graphic design, PPC, marketing services… We have all your needs covered!

IronMonk is a certified Google Partner, a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, rated one of the ‘Top Digital Marketing Agencies’ in Canada in 2018 by Clutch, and rated one of the ‘Top PPC (Pay Per Click) Agencies’ by UpCity in 2019.

Aside from these impressive credentials, we don’t just stand behind our track record and certifications, we stand proudly behind our work… proven by our 30-day money-back guarantee!

With all of these factors, going with IronMonk for your next lawyer or attorney website design or marketing project is an easy choice. Call us today at (888) 418-7798 to learn more and get started.

Designing a website for a lawyer, attorney, or law firm on average takes approximately 2 weeks after we receive all materials. The timeframe for completion however can be less or more depending on the complexity of your specific website design project and needs.

In starting your lawyer, attorney, or law firm website design project, our website design team will meet with you to discuss everything from top-to-bottom and develop a plan and exact timeframe. The complexity of the project will be determined by the type of design you are looking to develop, the features you would like to have for your customers on the website, the number of web pages to be included, etc.

Your law practice and website design project are unique, so developing a plan around your needs will be unique also and the overall timeframe for your project will depend on these factors.

Absolutely! Our company is a full-service website design and marketing agency so anything you will need we can almost certainly provide to you right here at IronMonk.

We offer domain registration services and hosting-plan services for your lawyer, attorney, or law firm website, and we can help you pick the right domain and hosting plan for your needs. Here at IronMonk, we take care of as much of the process for you as possible so you can focus on running and growing your law practice.

To get started on your lawyer, attorney, or law firm web design project we can get started using all or some of the following:

1. Your logo and company branding (color palette, styling guide, etc)
2. Your page content/text
3. High-resolution images to feature on your website (if available)
4. Client testimonials (if available)
5. Descriptions of your qualifications, types of law specializing in, services offered, etc.
6. Plus anything else that you would like to feature online

*Note: if you need help with developing a logo for your law practice, content for your website, or any other areas we offer those services also. To find out more about the other types of lawyer, attorney, or law firm design and marketing services we offer please contact us today to speak with one of our professionals at (888) 418-7798.

Fees associated with designing a lawyer, attorney, or law firm website for your business would mainly be centered around:

1. Website Domain
2. Website Hosting
3. Company Services

If you would like to learn more about the fees associated with starting a lawyer, attorney, or law firm website design project or would like to discuss them in more detail please feel free to contact one of our website design professionals today at (888) 418 – 7798.

Lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, etc. who care about having a quality website and improving their online revenue and client base can greatly benefit from our lawyer, attorney, and law firm website design services.

Competing in such a tough marketplace as the law industry without a quality website or any website at all is almost impossible in the digital age. The benefits of being at the fingertips of your target audience and millions of potential customers are plain to see.

Maximize your law firm, expand your reach, and accelerate your business with lawyer, attorney, and law firm website design services from an industry-leading company like IronMonk.

The best lawyer and attorney websites competing in today’s marketplace have these 10 crucial aspects in common:

1. Professional design with high-quality images
2. Layout and content invokes confidence and trust
3. Client reviews/testimonials

4. Great content describing your qualifications and services
5. Mobile-responsive design
6. Great user experience (UX)
7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
8. Highly visible contact information
9. Online client forms/chat options
10. Easy to navigate layout

We offer both depending on your needs. We can definitely adapt a pre-existing template to fit your business, however, we much prefer designing website templates from scratch.

A custom website built from scratch is great in that every aspect and all design features are geared specifically for your business to fit your branding to a tee. A customized one-of-a-kind template for your lawyer, attorney, or law firm website design will help your business stand out from the rest and make a long-lasting visual impact! A custom lawyer, attorney, or law firm website template will also help to best engage your target audience, improving the potential of your business by helping to maximize your ROI.

Absolutely not! Here at the IronMonk, our design and marketing agency offers innovative industry-leading lawyer, attorney, and law firm web design services to anyone and everyone across the globe.

No matter where you are situated, we can effectively work with you on a project through any means of communication; whether it be video conferencing, telephone meetings, email correspondence or whatever form of communication works best for you, our talented website design team and marketing experts specializing in lawyer, attorney, and law firm websites have the ability to create the perfect website for you and your law practice remotely.

Set up a call with us today and we can show you some ideas via a video conference, or you can also visit these websites which contain some examples of web layouts to help give you some ideas and inspiration:

1. ThemeForest