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Top Status Updates Ideas for your Fan Page: Keeping your Fans Engaged!

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Attracting targeted fans to your page is tough enough, engaging them with useful and interesting content everyday can be even harder! To create brand awareness and generate more interactions and traffic from your fanbase, you need to post on a daily basis! For those of you that are running out of ideas on what to post on their business page, here is a dose of inspiration…

Post the latest content from your blog

If you have an active blog or website, you should let your fans know about it. Where you just added a blog post or a new product, your fans would certainly be interested to know about it!

Post Product Pictures

Do you have a high quality picture of one of your products, or a a picture depicting a creative use of one of your products? Post it on your wall! Easy way to generate Likes. You can even ask your fans to post pictures of themselves using one of your products.

Post a picture of your team during a recent event

Fans like to know that they are dealing with humans behind the brand. If you went on a golf trip with co-workers, or simply to a restaurant for someone’s birthday, take pics and share them on your wall!

Post a famous quote relevant to your industry

Great way to generate Likes! People love quotes. Find quotes that are relevant to your industry/services and share them on your wall. Simply search “XXXX quotes” on Google (XXXX being your industry) to find some ideas.

Post a question related to your industry

A great way to generat interactions is to post a question! If your industry is Photography, as your fans what kind of camera they prefer (DSLR vs Point & Shoot). Take advantage of Facebook’s recently launched Questions feature.

Post a positive Testimonial

Did you recently receive a positive testimonial from one of your clients? Post it on your website and share it on your Facebook Fan Page. This will generate brand awareness and reinforce your brand’s public image.

Share Multimedia Content, Not just Text!

You can search on Google Images and YouTube for pictures and videos relevant to your industry. There has been a recent study by eMarketer showing that people are 33% more likely to consume multimedia content than textual content.

Share a recent news article about your industry

Look for interesting news relevant to your industry on the major newspapers and media outlets. You can look at Google News if you’re not sure where to start. You can do this on a daily basis if you’re in a vibrant industry.

Post a Question of the Day or Week

This is a great way to generate interactions with your fans on a regular basis. Choose a day of the week (Wednesday and Thursday are the days where people are the most active on social networks) and post a question every week on that day.

Ask for LIKES!

Plain and simple. There are many ways you can generate Likes. Examples: Hit Like if you’re happy it’s Friday, Hit Like if you’re in a good mood today, Hit Like if you had a great week-end, Hit Like if you’re excited for Halloween, etc…

Ask fans for suggestions/comments about your products

Sure, you might  be afraid to get negative feedback, but negative feedback is actually good! It’ll help you improve and it’ll show your fans that you aren’t afraid to take negative criticism and improve. Making your fans feel like their opinion matters is the first step to social media success!

Answer a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

If you often get the same question asked over and over by email or phone, post it on your fan page. Great way to answer a bunch of people all at once! You can even take advantage of the situation by asking your fans to post their own questions.

Post a limited-time fan-only special or discount

Great way to make your fans feel like they’re part of an exclusive club! Give them a limited time discount code for one of your products. Take advantage of holidays when you do this. You can even do this during your company’s anniversary, CEO’s birthday, etc…

Launch a Giveaway for your fans only

If you can afford it, launch a giveaway once in a while for your fans only. The format is up to you, here are a few examples: “the first person to comment on this post will get a free —-.”, “the last 3 people to comment on this post will get a free —–” (this last one will make your fans go crazy, try it!)

Post a Trivia/Quizz related to your industry

Everyone loves Trivias. Look up online for interesting Trivia questions relevant to your industry. You can even ask a question related to your company or services. Great way to generate some traffic to your site.

Post about an event you are hosting or participating in

If you are planning to be part of a local, national or global event in the near future, let your fans know. Tell them the exact day, time and location of the event. You can even use Facebook’s native Events tab to publicize your event.

Share updates on your future projects

Keep your fans updated on what you’re working on. If you are planning to release a new product or service in the future, they should be the first to know! Ask for their feedback before your launch.

Think Holidays!

And not just the major ones. There are holidays observed every single day! Use EarthCalendar to find out what holidays are observed Today throughout the world. Share the ones relevant to your audience, or simply share a funny one that might generate some Likes.


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