Top 5 Gold IRA Affiliate Programs Reviewed + Commission Comparison (2023)

I have been involved in the gold space as an affiliate for over a decade now. I experienced a lot of success over the years as an affiliate. RA 133 in the screenshot above showing some of the top earners in this space is actually my ID, and that wasn’t my best month. I just wanted to show you what’s possible with this affiliate program. 

Gold affiliate commissions from 2020

Note: this screenshot shows some of the top-performing gold IRA affiliates from 2020. Commissions are now even larger in 2023.

I now launched an affiliate network that caters to gold/financial companies interested in lead generation, and my goal is to help both affiliates and investment companies succeed with affiliate marketing. 

Now, as an affiliate, I have tried virtually every affiliate program in this niche, so I’m going to give you the lowdown on my favorites, and provide you with some useful information to help you decide which one you want to promote.  

Now, the current economic and geopolitical conditions are VERY favorable to gold and silver investments. Gold is known as a “safe haven asset” that investors flock to when they’re NOT confident in the markets and the economy as a whole. 

Without further ado, here are my favorite gold affiliate program right now and the reasons why I have selected these:


#1 – Noble Gold Investments (Best overall affiliate program)

Why did I rank Noble the #1 gold affiliate program in 2023? It’s quite simple: Noble Gold Investments converts well above average, from my own experience testing dozens of affiliate programs in the space. 

I remember that even when I was barely sending any traffic, I would still receive frequent emails from Fernando, Noble’s affiliate assistant, letting me know that I had just earned a commission and that a payout was on its way to my bank account! Who doesn’t love those types of emails, especially when they’re unexpected? 

This table shows a commission a Noble affiliate earned this past October, showing the potential of this affiliate program.

Also, Noble’s high conversion rate means I have been earning commissions with them consistently, every month, not once in a blue moon like many other affiliate programs! I strongly recommend you sign up and give this one a try to see for yourself. 

Noble Gold’s affiliate program in numbers:

  • Commission rate: 3%
  • How much are top affiliates earning per year: 6 to 7 figures. 
  • Minimum investment for a lead to qualify: $5,000
  • Ideal target audience: 55+ year-old American retirement account owners (IRA, 401k, etc)
  • Types of products sold: Mostly Gold and Silver Bullion. 
  • Premiums charged to clients: Low (single-digit).
  • Conversion rate: HIGH.

What I liked about the Noble gold affiliate program

Noble is highly rated (A+ BBB rating), and the lower single-digit margins they charge for their gold combined with the low investment requirement means higher conversion rates for your leads. At least, that’s what I personally experienced consistently as a Noble affiliate! 

Noble is also a company that is building a strong brand focused on the long-term game. I always enjoyed my conversations with Collin Plume, their CEO, who is very transparent and vocal in the media (unlike many other gold CEOs who prefer to hide their names and stay under the radar for whatever reason). 

In the gold industry, many companies come and go. I’ve sadly witnessed quite a few companies get sued and go under, along with their affiliates, so I’m VERY wary of who I promote nowadays, and so should you. Noble makes me comfortable due to their lower premiums, great ratings, and complete transparency. 

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#2 – Augusta Precious Metals (Best for large investors)

Why Augusta? Unlike Noble Gold which caters to everyone with its low minimums and low premiums, Augusta is more of a high-end gold company that caters to HNW investors with larger investment portfolios. (100k minimum investment)

Their higher minimums (100k) and higher margins on their products (20%+) necessarily mean lower conversion rates. However, the higher commission percentage offered to affiliates almost makes up for it! In fact, while you’ll probably see fewer leads convert, the few that do convert will likely generate huge commissions for you. 

Here’s a screenshot from my affiliate dashboard showing how I earned over 42k in a single month, with only 3 qualified leads. 

Augusta’s affiliate program in numbers:

  • Commission rate: 10%. Highest in the industry. 
  • How much are top affiliates earning per year: 7 figures. 
  • Minimum investment for a lead to qualify: $100,000
  • Ideal target audience: HNW Investors and 55+ year-old American retirement account owners (IRA, 401k, etc) with at least $100,000 to invest. 
  • Types of products sold: gold and silver bullion AND premium/rare coins (the latter yield much higher profits for the company, which is why they can afford to pay affiliates 10%)
  • Premiums charged to clients: Mid-to-High (Premium/rare coins cost more than bullion)
  • Conversion rate: Low to medium.

What I liked about Augusta’s affiliate program:

Augusta has a pretty slick homemade affiliate dashboard with all the statistics you can dream of. Their affiliate platform is also full of resources like custom landers, banners, videos and email swipes for those that do email marketing. You’ll find everything you need to get started promoting this company either through your content or paid ads. 

Augusta also brought Joe Montana the NFL legend on board as their celebrity client and ambassador. They have a Harvard-educated economist on staff that conducts webinars for new clients. Isaac Nuriani, the CEO, also told us that they’re the only company with a separate compliance department. 

All these points tend to put the client at ease. Again the higher minimums and higher margins mean a lower conversion rate for affiliates, but the average commission earned will be much higher than any other company. 

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#3 – Silver Gold Bull (Best for Canadian traffic)

Why Silver Gold Bull? With over 3 billion dollars of gold and silver sold through their website alone, this is arguably one of the largest gold companies in the WORLD. They have 300,000 five-star reviews. 

No other gold company comes close to the amount of positive feedback this company has received. They have converted VERY well for me within Canada, but not so well with US traffic for whatever reason. Maybe because they are a Canadian company and Americans prefer to deal with American companies? Who knows. 

Either way, I would strongly recommend that you give SGB a chance with your Canadian traffic. You’ll be very pleased. They are a household name in Canada and no other Canadian company can compete with them in this market. 

Silver Gold Bull’s affiliate program in numbers:

  • Commission rate: 2%. 
  • How much are top affiliates earning per year: 6 figures. 
  • Minimum investment for a lead to qualify: ZERO. I’ve had leads qualify with as low as $1,000. 
  • Ideal target audience: 55+ year-old Canadian retirement account owners (RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, etc)
  • Types of products sold: gold and silver bullion.
  • Premiums charged to clients: Low single-digit.
  • Conversion rate: Low to medium.

What I liked about the SGB Affiliate program

How can you argue with 300,000+ five-star reviews? This company has a stellar reputation and is a household name in the gold space. This means that your leads will feel comfortable dealing with them and you’ll feel comfortable promoting them.  

However, my personal experience is that this company doesn’t perform as well with US leads as they do with Canadian leads (Note: they’re a Canadian company) so I would highly recommend promoting them within the Canadian market.  

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#4 – Advantage Gold

Why Advantage Gold? Mainly because it’s one of the oldest affiliate programs in the space, so they withstood the test of time! At a 5% commission per sale, Advantage Gold is halfway between Noble and Augusta. They use EverFlow as their affiliate platform, which means they do provide some statistics and resources, but not as much as Noble and Augusta who really went all out with their program.  

Advantage Gold’s affiliate program in numbers:

  • Commission rate: 4% to 5%. 
  • How much are top affiliates earning per year: unknown. 
  • Minimum investment for a lead to qualify: $25,000. 
  • Ideal target audience: 55+ year-old American retirement account owners (IRA, 401k, etc)
  • Types of products sold: gold and silver bullion AND premium/rare coins.
  • Premiums charged to clients: Low to medium depending on whether the client buys standard bullion or premium coins.
  • Conversion rate: Low to medium.

What I liked about Advantage Gold’s affiliate program

Again, longevity is to be respected here. Also, Kirill Zagalsky is an outspoken CEO that is very active in the media, just like Collin Plume from Noble Gold. 

I always feel comfortable when a CEO is publicly active because I know that they stand firmly behind their brand and care about client education.

Kirill is also very collaborative and will work directly with you to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

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#5 – GoldCo 

Why GoldCo? This company is very similar to Augusta, in the sense that they charge slightly higher premiums for their products and cater to investors with slightly larger portfolios. However, they made my list because they have a strong affiliate program and provide a lot of resources for their affiliates. Although I personally haven’t had much luck with this company, I know many affiliates are earning huge commissions with them. 

GoldCo’s affiliate program in numbers:

  • Commission rate: 6% to 8%. 
  • How much are top affiliates earning per year: 6-7 figures. 
  • Minimum investment for a lead to qualify: $25,000. 
  • Ideal target audience: 55+ year-old American retirement account owners (IRA, 401k, etc) with at least $25,000 to invest.
  • Types of products sold: gold and silver bullion AND premium/rare coins (just like we mentioned with Augusta, these premium coins come at higher margins compared to standard bullion).
  • Premiums charged to clients: Mid-to-High (Premium/rare coins cost more than bullion)
  • Conversion rate: Low to medium.

What I liked about the GoldCo affiliate program

GoldCo has a lot of celebrity ambassadors like Chuck Norris, Sean Hannity, and more recently Don Trump Junior. They also have an experienced affiliate manager and a lot of affiliate resources. Just like Augusta, you’ll likely find anything you need to promote this company within their dashboard. 

Sign up as a GoldCo Affiliate

There you go! These 5 affiliate programs are definitely worth considering if you want to earn some large commissions in this space. This is by no means an exhaustive list. I built this list mainly based on my own experience as a top affiliate. 

I understand that there are potentially dozens more affiliate programs out there in the gold investment space, but in my honest opinion: most of them either pay very low commissions, or lack affiliate resources. 

5 things to look for in a gold affiliate program

If you want to keep looking for other affiliate programs in the gold or investment space, I recommend looking at these five elements…

  1. Company’s reputation and management: you need to do your due diligence here. You don’t want to promote a company that will go down under, and trust me there have been plenty! The FTC and FCC are very active in this space, and are cracking down on companies with sketchy/unethical practices. Don’t simply promote any company that promises you the moon. Do your research to see if a company is in good standing and is properly managed.  
  2. Conversion rate: to me, this is way more important than the commission percentage! The conversion rate affects my bottomline as an affiliate directly and consistently. I ranked Noble Gold #1 for this specific reason as I noticed that they closed a higher percentage of my leads. Note that is a low-volume niche, so you likely won’t be generating hundreds of leads per day. When you get started, you’ll probably be lucky to refer a few leads per month, so you want to promote a company that will convert a larger percentage of your leads. That’s my opinion at least.
  3. How much are top affiliates earning? This is a key question to ask. Reach out to the company and ask the affiliate manager how much their top affiliates are earning. I’ve talked to some gold companies who told me their top affiliates were earning $500 to $1,000 per month. That’s a turn-off right there for most of us who take our affiliate careers seriously. 
  4. Affiliate dashboard and resources. Does the company give you all the tools to succeed? Do they have an affiliate startup guide? Creatives? Landers? Conversion statistics? These tools are necessary for you to succeed as an affiliate.
  5. Who’s the affiliate manager? Is the affiliate manager experienced in this industry? If not, they likely won’t be able to answer all of your technical questions and give you all the tools you need. 

Need affiliate coaching from me?

I have been one of the top 3 affiliates in this space for years, and have reached the #1 spot consistently between 2012 and 2018 when I was 100% focused on affiliate marketing

Today, I’ve been sidetracked by several other projects but I’m still quite active in this space and can show you exactly how I have been able to generate consistently large commissions on a month-to-month basis.

If you want me to coach you and help you earn your first commissions in the gold space, either through SEO, social media, email marketing, paid ads or any other strategy, you can sign up through this page and I’ll get back to you if you qualify.  

Note that I can only help a limited amount of affiliates, due to my busy schedule, so the information you provide me within the form is very important to help me understand if you’re the right fit. Be as detailed as you can when you fill it out, please. 

The coaching program is free, meaning that if I approve you for the program, you won’t have to pay anything. However, I will earn commissions when you generate revenue as you’ll fall under my 2nd tier affiliate group. 

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