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Top 3 Alternatives to Google Analytics

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If, like many webmasters, you’re unhappy with the new version of Google Analytics, panic not! There are today many 3rd party web analytic applications that you can use to effectively monitor your web traffic. Not too long ago the market was still largely dominated by Google, but the Big G has slowly been losing parts of their marketshare due to many new applications hitting the market.

We have reviewed dozens of Web Analytics applications/tools and we were very impressed with 3 of them. We believe these 3 Web Analytic tools are perfect for small & medium businesses. Simplicity, User-Friendliness and Efficiency were the 3 elements we looked at. Here are our Top 3 recommendations:


GetClicky is our personal favorite. If you’re looking for speed, efficiency and simplicity: GetClicky should be your choice without question! This tool has every feature you could possibly ask for if you’re a small/medium business: Live Monitoring, Rank Tracking, Goal/Conversion Setup, Visitor/Content stats and much more. GetClicky also states that their Bounce Rate calculation is the best in the industry.

  • Price: Free plan (1 website) then 4 plans ranging from $9.95/m to $29.99/m
  • Mobile App: yes (iPhone)
  • Real-Time Data: yes


Piwik is an entirely open source web analytics tool that you’ll have to host yourself. Piwik is a great tool since it offers everything from real-time tracking to mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Piwik is also one of the only web analytics in the industry to be offered in over 30 languages! It has been designed to be an alternative to Google Analytics and does a pretty good job at it.

  • Price: Free but has to be self-hosted
  • Mobile App: yes (iPhone and Android)
  • Real-Time Data: yes


Reinvigorate’s main strength is their desktop application. When you install this app, you can view live traffic to your website and see conversions “as they happen”. Also, Reinvigorate introduced a new heatmap technology that shows you what areas of your website are the most popular. Reinvigorate does not have as many features as GetClicky or Piwik, but definitely has everything you need to monitor your traffic in real-time.

  • Price: 3 plans from $10/m to $100/m
  • Mobile App: no but they have a desktop app
  • Real-Time Data: yes



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