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Tips to Improve Your Business Exposure on Facebook

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Millions of businesses worldwide are getting on the Facebook bandwagon. However, I’ll go ahead and say that 90%+ are not getting any form of substantial ROI out of it. Sure, Facebook can be a terrific way to market your business and products/services, but you have to do it the right way.

While there is no magic formula that will work for all types of businesses, there are certain techniques that can bring you positive results if you apply them properly. Here are 3 tips that will help you improve your Facebook fan page interaction level, engagement and overall ROI…

Acquire More Fans With Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads is the best way to get your brand/message in front of your target audience. While this does not always apply to B2Bs, it certainly applies to most B2Cs. For optimal results, connect your ad campaign to a custom landing page on your fan page. The landing page should have some kind of incentive to become a fan (perhaps a discount code? A chance to win something? A free ebook… you decide!).

Another great way to use Facebook Ads is to launch Sponsored Stories targeting your fans’ friends. These types of ads get the highest CTR because people see a message telling them that one of their friends also likes this page (e.g. “John Smith likes this page“). When our friends like something, it picks our curiosity and we want to know more about it. (Human Nature 101)

Use Facebook’s New Promoted Posts Feature

It is important to understand that most status updates will reach only 10% to 30% of your fanbase (at best). This is because people log on Facebook at different times, and some of them don’t login for a few days, which means they will probably miss your post.

Up till a few days ago, there was no way to make sure your important posts get seen by 50%+ of your fans. The problem is now solved as Facebook recently launched the Promoted Posts feature for fan pages. You can now pay a flat fee (starting at $5) to make sure your post reach a certain percentage of your fans. This is a truly awesome feature that you should use to make sure your important posts get seen. (e.g. company updates, new product announcements, contests, etc…)

However, be careful not to use this feature too much or it might backfire against you. Remember that people log on Facebook to see their friends’ updates. Businesses are “tolerated”, as long as they don’t come across as being too “spammy” or self-promotional.

Test & Tweak!

This is probably the most important tip. As we said earlier, there is no secret formula that can guarantee great results for everybody. It is all about A/B testing. When launching a Facebook ad, try rotating different images, body texts, targeting options and see how many actions (Page Likes, Clicks) you’re getting for your money.

Also, it is important to figure out how much you’re willing to pay for a targeted fan. 50 cents? A dollar? $5? $20? How much is a quality fan worth to you? Once you figure that out, make sure you try different ad variations until you find the one that is giving you quality fans within your price range.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things, even if they are on the wild side! It might work. If it doesn’t, you’ll certainly learn something from it and launch a better ad next time!


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