The Science of Fan Retention: 5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Facebook Fans!

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Acquiring targeted fans is tough, keeping your fans interested and engaged once they’ve liked your page is even tougher! In fact, it turns out that 2 out of every 5 fans eventually click the “Unlike” button. If you are closely monitoring your fanbase growth, you probably already noticed that you are losing a few fans every month.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your fans engaged and minimize the amount of “Unlikes” every month…

#1 – Reward Them… Regularly!

Chances are the reason why you got so many “Likes” in the first place is because you launched some kind of Giveaway or Contest for fans only. It is no secret that people love to win stuff online and millions of brands are taking advantage of this natural human behavior by offering people a “chance to win something” in exchange for a “Like”. The problem is: many businesses do this only once. If you want your fans to stay, you have to launch contests and/or giveaways on a regular basis. The frequency is up to you and how much you can offer… it could be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly! When a contest is over, remind your fans that more contests are coming up! You can be certain if there is always a chance to win something, people will stick around.

#2 – Publish Highly Relevant Content

Take the time to know your audience. Who are they? How old are they? What are their interests? Where are they located? Are they married or single? Once you have a good idea of who they are, try to share content that is highly relevant to them. It could be funny pictures or videos, interesting news articles or just fun facts and quotes. The more your content is targeted and interesting, the less “Unlikes” you’ll get!

#3 – Don’t Be Too Promotional

This is one of the mistakes that many businesses are making. Remember: people go on Facebook to connect with their friends. If their news feed is flooded with commercial messages, you can be certain that they will unlike you with prejudice. Launching the occasional commercial message is fine, but make it interesting and relevant. Measure the reactions of your fans after you post a commercial message. Did they like it? Did it generate any traffic to your site? Did they comment on it? Adapt your future messages based on what worked and what didn’t.

#4 – Don’t Post Too Often

This is another fanbase killer. In fact, this is the worst mistake you can possibly make. No one can tell you how frequently you should be posting. Some large brands post a few times daily, others post a few times weekly. It all depends on your brand/industry/audience. If you are a small business just getting started on Facebook, start by posting once per day and measure the reactions. If people are being receptive and enthusiatic, gradually increase the frequency.

#5 – Surprise Them!

This is a tip that we have successfully used in the past with many of our clients: occasionally, launch a quick time-sensitive giveaway or promotion on your wall! (e.g. “the first 5 fans that comment on this post will get a 50% discount code for our new product”, We are thinking of a number between 1 and 100, guess this number and win a free “product-name-here“). This will basically make your fans highly aware of your posts as they will constantly be waiting for another surprise giveaway.

That’s it folks! Remember, Social Media Marketing is not rocket science. It’s all about Monitoring, A/B Testing and Trial & Error. There is no magic formula that you can apply and be certain to succeed. It’s all about getting to know your audience and building a relationship with them over the long term. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to test new things and don’t be afraid to occasionally fail!


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