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Social Media Marketing is all about Strategy. Do you have one?

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It is expected that in 2010, 82% of all companies are planning to incorporate social media into their marketing  plans, are you among them?

In order to fully take advantage of what Social Media Marketing has to offer, you need a carefully planned Strategy. This strategy has to be mapped out based on your business niche, your budget and competition level. At IronMonk, we are experts at designing tailored SMO strategies for our clients, ranging from small to large scale businesses.

Social Media is at the forefront of Internet Marketing and today most companies already have a Facebook and Twitter account. However, only a few of them actually know what to do with it, and those are the ones who have a skilled Social Media Specialist to help them. A recent study from the Marketing Executives Networking Group ( MENG) reveals that most marketers are still in the early stages of adopting and measuring social media and that the biggest barrier to online success is precisely a lack of knowledge on how to implement these social media activities.

Some companies have experienced some fairly spectacular missteps in this new field, and mostly because they dived in without a social media strategy. It’s vital that every marketing and PR agency, and in-house practitioner, learns the new rules so they can correctly involve their clients and companies in the social media conversations.

To develop an effective and successful Social Media Strategy, you need to follow these critical steps:

  1. Analyse the networks by listening to conversations
  2. Set Goals / Benchmarks, what do you want to achieve?
  3. Find Groups and Communities where your target audience is gathering
  4. Develop and Rollout a Content Strategy
  5. Identify your Evangelists / Influencers in the community
  6. Offer giveaways / Develop incentives
  7. Engage and facilitate conversations by asking questions / launching polls
  8. Measure results and adapt your strategy based on what worked and what didn’t

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  1. Jimmy H. Avatar
    Jimmy H.

    Interesting article. I will try to follow those steps for my next SMM project.

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