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Social Media Can Help You Reach Your Life Goals…

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Let’s face it, one of the reason why most people fail to achieve their life goals/dreams, is the lack of commitment and lack of motivation. Well, guess what, Social Media can help! Social Media Platforms like 43things.com and superviva.com let you connect and share with people who are also seeking to achieve the same life goals as you.

Whether you’re seeking to “visit Australia”, “lose weight”, “become financially independent” or simply “be happy”, you can now track your progress along with other like-minded people. You can also ask for help from people who have achieved a particular life goal that you’re struggling with. Don’t forget to also give a few tips to people who are trying to achieve something that you already achieved. Good karma will come back your way! 🙂

“We cannot live only for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” ~Herman Melville


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