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200% Increase in Followers

150% Increase in Fans



This client approached early 2011, asking for help to produce and optimize High-Quality Content, improve his SEO campaign and improve their presence and amount of fans & followers on Facebook/Twitter. At the time, their blog was only being updated about once a month and they had less than 500 combined followers/fans. They also requested help in terms of producing short video testimonials on YouTube and increase their connections and interactions on LinkedIn.


As always, we first focused on improving their foundation. We designed a custom incentive-driven HTML landing page on Facebook. We worked out a strategy with the client involving the giveaway of 1 iPad to a random fan for every 1000 fans. We also started writing & publishing legal-quality and highly optimized weekly blog posts around the keywords that apply to their law practice and their local area. Our Video Production team has also been producing monthly video testimonials that are being shared automatically on Facebook / Twitter & LinkedIn. To improve their SEO, we also started publishing articles weekly on an external Legal library for Lawyers.


Within only 4 months of work, we have increased their fan base by 150% and the follower base by 200% only by targeting people within their area of practice and region (California). The blog posts and external articles that we have been publishing have helped push up the rankings for many long and short tail keywords that are highly relevant to the law firm’s practice. Also, the client is now receiving leads every week from Twitter, from people requesting their help in different law matters!

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