Elephoto is one of the leading providers of Photo Book Printing and Photo Gifts in Canada.

500% increase in Fans

600% increase in Followers



Their Marketing Director contacted us late 2010, requesting help to improve their Social Media presence. At the time, both their Facebook & Twitter accounts had very little interaction and only about 100 fans and 200 followers respectively. They also wanted to us to produce content for their blog and to help push their main keywords and improve their rankings.


The first step here was to optimize their Facebook & Twitter accounts. As always, our philosophy is to first build a strong foundation, before starting to deploy content and reach out to potential consumers. We have therefore created an optimized & incentive-driven landing page, added an “RSS” tab to connect their blog and added an “Invite your friends” tab. We have also installed a few top-of-the-line plugins on their WordPress blog to improve both the SEO and SMM initiatives. We have then worked with them to design an SMM strategy that involves monthly photo contests with different themes. Finally, we have launched a laser-targeted Ad Campaign to reach out to people within their target market.


Within 6 months of work, we have increased Elephoto’s fan-base by over 500% and their follower-base by 600%. The Social Response was huge and hundreds of people have been joining their monthly photo contests. Also, the content we created through the blog is constantly being shared & re-tweeted within the social sphere. Overall, the client registered a significant and exponentially increasing traffic coming from their Social Media accounts.

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