Albright Silicone Technologies

Albright Silicone Technologies is a leader in liquid silicone. Having created silicone parts for Nasa, Philips, and GE, Albright is a major manufacturer in prototyping silicone parts.

216 Goal Completion from all traffic sources
Traffic increase by 45.67%

From The Client

“IronMonk is the first firm that we have had success with. We have tried others, put a lot of money into it and received no results. IronMonk Solutions has moved us up to the first page and our ROI has been great.”


To increase the number of pre-qualified visitors to the website using a holistic approach.


A multi-step solution that required redesigning the website, rewriting content for stronger engagement, and better management of paid search campaigns. First, we redesigned their WordPress website to create clear calls to actions. We simplified the contact forms to encourage visitors to fill out the forms. The content was rewritten to encourage the audience to convert and increase search engine optimization. We also re-organized their Google AdWords campaigns and managed all their keywords to convert better.


The results was an increase in conversion rate from .54% to .98% and nearly doubled the number of goal completions. We also increased traffic to the site by 45.67%

0.96% Conversion Rate

100% Increase Goal Completion

45.67% More Traffic

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