Plumber Logo: 6 Creative Ideas for Creating a Kickass Plumbing Company Logo

Plumbers are the superheroes of the trades. They’re on-call around the clock, and they’re the first ones you call to save the day if you run into issues with your furnace or toilet. However, a superhero plumber can’t don their cape unless, well, they actually get a phone call from a client. 

Attracting new clientele as a plumber starts with professional branding. In the trades, this is the fastest way to set yourself apart from the old guard who hasn’t invested much in their marketing. 

Your first step is to design a kickass logo—after all, it’s the first thing that many of your customers will notice about your business. If you’re looking to design a plumbing company logo, look no further. Our team of designers hand-picked several plumber logos that we think incorporate all the elements of a successful logo design. 

To get you pointed in the right direction, check out the example plumber logos below. Feel free to take inspiration from any of the brilliant designs in your own branding, just make sure that you don’t copy or directly imitate any of them. 


6 Badass Plumber Logos to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Sadly, you can’t make a logo with a tube cutter or a hacksaw. But, if you think you’ve got the chops to create a beautiful digital design, here are some excellent real-life plumbing logo examples that you can use as your creative muse. 


1. Latty’s Plumbing

Latty’s Plumbing is a case study of how to create a truly kickass plumbing logo. As a New York-based company, they make it clear who they’re rooting for—the New York Mets. Although advertising your allegiance to a sports team might not be a great idea, since it could alienate fans of a rival team, we think this baseball-inspired logo is awesome enough to deserve a pass.

This logo also does three things very well. It includes their founding year (1997) to prove their longevity; it features the Manhattan skyline to show pride in where they’re from, and includes a creative use of two crossed plumbing wrenches. Although it’s a very “busy” logo, it manages to include all of these elements tastefully into a tight package. 

2. Ariel Services Inc.

When it comes to plumber logos, Ariel Services Inc. is a good, yet imperfect, example. This is exactly why it makes an excellent addition to this list. See, the logo has all the makings of a solid design, especially by incorporating the wrench-in-hand motif on the left side. However, it’s lacking in variation.

What we mean by that is that there should be a greater variation in the fonts and colors used. Currently, the logo uses virtually the same shade of blue or turquoise, as well as the same bold font. To make this logo “pop” even more, we would change the underlying font for the lower text, and would use a much brighter shade of blue for the main wordmark.

3. Goode Plumbing

Goode Plumbing is a classic example of a dual-threat logo. On one hand, it’s got a great wordmark that varies colors between dark and light blue. On the left, however, there’s a symbol of a wrench and flowing water that makes it clear that they take pride in the importance of plumbing.

Another great aspect of this logo is that it exudes seriousness, which provides good contrast for a company name that’s inherently playful (Goode vs. good). Therefore, the logo suits the name perfectly, which works in harmony to create a special brand for Goode Plumbing.

4. John Baethke & Son Plumbing

John Baethke & Son Plumbing boasts one of the most original and distinctive variations of the “emblem” style logo. Their emblem is reminiscent of old propaganda posters from the 20th century, while fusing it with modern features such as New York City skyscrapers. Together, these elements combine to create a truly fresh and original design. 

5. Matt’s Plumbing Solutions

Here we have a brilliantly creative logo design, since, in the place of a pipe, we have a large bass or trout taking center stage. Matt’s Plumbing Solutions also does well to stand out from its competitors by including a humorous tagline or slogan at the bottom of the logo. Since they change the color and font of the slogan’s text, they’re able to execute this design to perfection.

There are very few things we could suggest changing about this logo. However, for one, it may be advantageous to use a less slanted font for the word “Matt’s” at the top. As it stands, it may be difficult for some readers to make out what the first word in the logo states. 

6. Mr. Rooter Plumbing

For our last example, we’ll go with a classic. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is a leading plumbing brand, and the quality of its logo lives up to its level of success. Mr. Rooter uses a cartoon of a young professional man’s winking face in their logo. Immediately, their logo is memorable and recognizable to anyone who views it. 

Not only do they succeed in creating an original cartoon-inspired design, but their font is also creative and novel. The one-two punch of a top-notch emblem plus a quirky wordmark is, in our books, one of the secrets to finding success in a competitive market. 

Don’t Flush Your Brand Down the Drain, Hire an Expert Designer

Your brand can make the difference between a good and truly great plumbing business. After all, younger homeowners are using the internet rather than the phone book to find new plumbers. If your branding doesn’t look professional, chances are they’ll skip you and give the next guy a call. 

Luckily, our team of dedicated logo designers has years of experience crafting stunning branding for plumbers and plumbing companies. If you want to put your company’s future in the right hands, hire a designer. To get started today, contact our plumbing website design team for a free quote for a bespoke logo.


  • September 17, 2021
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