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As an attorney, the success of your practice hinges on your reputation. The funny thing about reputations, however, is that they take years to build, and only minutes to dissolve. Now, we can’t help you with preventing the latter—that’s out of our pay grade. But, we can help you create a professional brand image that makes a good first impression with your clients.

After all, your brand image is an essential ingredient in building a trustworthy reputation. For example, a rushed, sloppy, or uninspired logo could turn off prospective clients who might not think your practice meets their professional expectations.

Fortunately, building a successful lawyer logo is easier than you think. To get started on the right track, we’ve put together a gallery of some of our favorite real-world examples of lawyer and attorney logos. From these, you can draw inspiration for your own logo or legal brand.

Our Top 6 Lawyer Logos for a Successful Law Firm

Whether you’re opening a small law firm or your own solo practice, you need a logo that exudes professionalism and trustworthiness. If you’re unsure where to start with your logo design, check out any of these incredible law firm logo examples we’ve rounded up below. 

1. Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP

A law firm logo should be austere and efficient, while also including memorable brand markers. This is exactly what the Gallet Dreyer & Berkey logo does so well. Using a navy blue frame, their logo creates a beautiful emblem that shortens their name to a simple initialization, “GDB”, while making good use of three distinct colors. 

Variation in font size and font colors is what makes this logo shine. Far too often, law firms stick to the same dull color or font in their wordmarks or logos. However, GDB’s logo proves that we can create a top-notch design simply by making subtle changes to the thickness of the font, or the shade of blue used in various parts of the lettering. 

2. Romano Law

Romano Law’s logo manages to do what very few logos can: creating a lasting impression without using color. Although law firms are known for being bland and serious, Romano Law unapologetically leans into that perception by creating a black-and-white logo that exudes seriousness and power. 

For a New York City law firm, Romano Law succeeds in appealing to its core demographic. Upscale Manhattan clientele would most likely perceive Romano to be capable of handling the complexity and gravity of their high-profile cases based on their logo design. Plus, they make good use of two different fonts, which is always a great idea if you want one word to stand out more than the other. 

3. Bousquet Holstein PLLC

One thing Bousquet Holstein manages to do exceptionally well is create an original emblem out of only two distinct shapes. Whereas many law firms stick to a basic wordmark, Bousquet isn’t afraid to craft an emblem to help them stand out. Interestingly, their European-sounding name makes a great fit for their logo, which appears at first glance to be somewhat reminiscent of a Scandanavian flag. 

Ultimately, we think Bousquet succeeds at creating something truly original with their logo design while keeping their brand image tight and formal. Their logo goes to show that merely adding a basic two-shape emblem above a uniform wordmark can be all you need to make a recognizable logo worthy of Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue. 

4. Russo Law LLC

Russo Law takes a bold stance on its brand image by incorporating lots of vivid color. A blend of royal blue and deep gold provide the logo with a sense of sobriety and earnestness, while at the same time not being boring or drab. Another excellent touch is the fact that the “R” in the main wordmark features a separation in the lettering, which is a nice modern design element that infuses a bit of personality into their design.

This logo perfectly exemplifies everything that a legal logo should be. It’s serious and powerful, while still being memorable and unpretentious. Plus, they include the subtext (i.e., “Law LLC”) within a line break in the logo’s gold frame, which is a clever use of limited space.

5. ILF Business Lawyers

ILF Business Lawyers uses a logo that’s refreshingly modern amid a legal market that’s saturated with stuffy wordmarks and pretentious branding. Their use of sans-serif fonts, triangular shapes, and light blue coloring makes this logo appear forward-focused and non-traditional in its approach to the law. 

Although it has the look and feel of a tech start-up, ILF Business Lawyers does a great job infusing originality and progressiveness into a sometimes drab and traditional industry. Those who emulate ILF’s logo formula are taking a bit of a risk, no doubt, but will likely succeed in attracting clientele who share their core values and orientation. 

6. Parlatore Law Group

In our books, Parlatore Law Group strikes the perfect balance between uniformity and uniqueness. They conform to the legal trend of using capitalized, impactful lettering while taking a chance on the gold aviator badge that adorns the top of the wordmark. While contained within a distinctive blue frame, the Parlatore Law logo is a masterclass in balancing originality and conformity, something that other firms would do well to emulate. 

Exercise Your Right to a Beautiful Logo, Hire a Designer

No matter how sharp your analysis or advocacy skills are, your success as a lawyer involves more than just what happens in your office or the courthouse. Knowing how to market your practice is extremely important when it comes to building long-term success as a lawyer, establishing yourself as a professional, and, above all, bringing in new clients. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go about it alone. With the help of expert designers, you can create a lawyer logo and brand image that’s befitting an expert attorney. For a free quote, contact our team of lawyer and attorney website designers who can create a stunning lawyer logo and brand on your behalf. 



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