In 2010 more than ever, SEO and SMO are bound together like Yin and Yang!

In 2010, an even greater number of businesses are getting involved in Internet Marketing, realizing that the booming of Social Networking, Smart Phones and Search Marketing definitely transformed the Internet into an unbelievably huge pool of potential customers. However, we noticed that most clients aren’t looking at the big picture and still focusing all their budget/efforts in only one of the two major aspects of IM: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SMO (Social Media Optimization). The question today is: why sacrifice one or the other?

The truth is, Social media and SEO are now bound together like yin & Yang! You couldn’t separate them if you tried! Today, you simply cannot do a good SEO job if you do not incorporate some Social Media into it, and vice versa… your SMO Campaign is bound to fail if you don’t do some SEO for your Blog/Page to get some Search Engine Traffic flowing and bring in additional views for your FanPage, Group and other SM profiles.

SEO has some advantages over SMO. For instance, if you’re able to reach the 1st page organically for your targeted keywords, you can pretty much sit back and enjoy all the incoming traffic while you just focus on processing orders and responding to inquiries about your products. SMO in the other hand requires constant effort to keep traffic flowing. Your friends/fans/followers are constantly talking and asking questions, so you need to stay on top of it and engage them on a daily basis if you don’t want them to look over at the competition. Also, if you solely focus on SEO and don’t pay attention on what users are sayin about your Brand/Products in the Social Media Sphere, your 1st page rankings might turn out to be useless as you will experience low conversions due to the bad reputation that is spreading in the community.

Social Media Optimization has an array of advantages over SEO, one of them being: Quicker Results! Yep, while SEO can take months/years (depending on the niche) to show results, a good Social Media Campaign can bring you results within a few days (even hours!). Launch a good compelling message on Twitter and your followers might massively Retweet it, bringing you hundreds or thousands of additional views. Also, those followers/friends that own Blogs/Websites might even add a link to your site if they like the information you’re providing, bringing you additional SEO juice. Another advantage of Social Media Marketing is that it puts you in direct contract with the people, giving you the opportunity to listen to their needs/opinions about your products/services and enabling you to do effective Reputation Management.

As you can see, SEO and SMO complete each other perfectly. They both have positives and negatives but combined together in a strategic and carefully sculpted plan, they are the Molotov Cocktail of Internet Marketing and they can produce fantastic results for your business.

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