Color Psychology in Web Marketing

Marketing is both art and science and web marketing is no exception. The appearance of your website or landing page can draw a potential client into your process or send them elsewhere. Color is a major aspect and is very much a part of your image and branding. You want to select a color that truly conveys the message you want to give to a prospective customer.

This is a guide to help you choose a great color so you send the right message to your visitors.

Black: This is the color of strength and power, authority and intelligence. Ideal for government institutions & security firms. However, use this color with caution because  too much black can overwhelm.

Blue: This is a calming color, related to blue seas and skies. It is restful and is associated with dependability, loyalty and wisdom. Think blue uniforms. Blue enhances focus and can actually make people more productive. Ideal for any type of business!

Brown: This is the color of earth so stability, natural and organic is what you are communicating. In India this is a color of mourning so avoid it if that is your market.

Gold: As expected this color conveys prestige and excellence. Ideal for luxury websites, jewelry stores, financial advice websites and the such.

GrayWhen you want practical, solid and timeless information this should be your choice. Use sparingly, if overused it has a dull numbing effect. Choose the shade carefully as darker gray will look more academic than light/silver gray which is more light and casual.

Green: This is a calming color that can be related to money, nature and growth. It is also associated with envy, good luck, fertility, masculine, wealth, peace, harmony and generosity. Ideal for ec0-friendly and health websites.

Orange: When you want to convey fun, happy and flamboyant this is a good choice. If you have organic products this should be in your web marketing. This is an energetic color associate with ambition; there is nothing calm about this color.

Purple: This color is related to royalty, dignity and spirituality. Keep in mind that this color represents death in Brazil, so avoid using it if that’s your target market.

Red: This color is an attention getter. People around red can find themselves out of breath and have their heart beating a bit faster. Red is to be used sparingly, but a bit of red can draw interest. Never use it as a background color as it will make your content hard to read.

White: This is a color of purity, safety and cleanliness. White can also project neutrality and the absence of color and creativity. This is the color of death in China. White is the most versatile and therefore the most popular color on the web.

Yellow: This one is a cheerful color and is optimistic because the human brain actually releases more serotonin when people are around this color. It should be used sparingly. This conveys sadness in Greece and jealousy in France.

As you can see each color conveys a different message in people’s subconscious minds. Depending on your niche/products, use the proper combination to instate the ideal climate for your visitors to take action. Since this is no rocket science and everybody is different, we recommend testing a few different combinations to determine what works best for you. Good Luck!

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