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Category: Twitter Marketing Tips

  • The Bruce Lee Guide to SEO and Online Marketing

    Like many kids born in the early eighties, I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies. As a kid, I loved him for his fancy moves and general “badassery”. Growing up, I started to realize that the man was way more than “one-inch punches” and “two-finger pushups”. He was a philosopher and he taught us a… READ MORE

  • Top 5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Business On Social Media Sites

    You’ve started a social media account, you tweet and Facebook and YouTube, but if you’re not familiar with the platforms, you could be making crucial errors in your social media management. Below are five things you could be doing on social media that are hurting your business, and how you can make them right… Tweeting… READ MORE

  • Buying Fans & Followers, is it worth it?

    You probably stumbled on one of those websites that claim they can get you thousands of “targeted” fans or followers for ridiculously low prices (generally under $300). Now, in case you do not read this whole post, we would like to make our position clear right away: Buying Fans & Followers is wrong, and we’ll… READ MORE

  • Top 5 Tips to Attract Targeted Twitter Followers (Legally!)

    Getting on the Twitter bandwagon is easy enough, it takes only a few minutes to set up an account! However, getting the visibility you want is not as easy. In fact, a lot of people like using Twitter for its user-friendliness, but are struggling to get relevant & targeted followers. We all see these accounts having… READ MORE