Category: Facebook Marketing Tips

  • 4 Great App Developers for your Business Fan Page

    The Facebook Developers Community has been extremely active this year, giving birth to a kaleidoscope of new applications. Unfortunately, we discovered that many new applications being launched on Facebook are either broken, unstable or totally unusable. If you want to find reliable and robust apps for your Business Fan Page, check out one of these developers.… READ MORE

  • Kick-Ass FREE Alternative to FBML

    Do you already miss FBML tabs? We certainly don’t! It was a very limited interface that didn’t allow much flexibility. Since FBML tabs have been officially deprecated by Facebook last month, many people have sent us emails asking us: “What do we do now? How can we create dynamic custom landing pages like we used… READ MORE

  • 6 Tips for a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

    In the past 2 years Facebook Ads quickly became one of the top advertising platforms. The fact that you have access to such a wide variety of targeting options (such as interest, location, workplace, education, age & marital status) makes Facebook a very attractive medium for advertisers. Also, Facebook Ads is really easy to get into. Its… READ MORE