Category: Facebook Marketing Tips

  • Tips to Improve Your Business Exposure on Facebook

    Millions of businesses worldwide are getting on the Facebook bandwagon. However, I’ll go ahead and say that 90%+ are not getting any form of substantial ROI out of it. Sure, Facebook can be a terrific way to market your business and products/services, but you have to do it the right way. While there is no… READ MORE

  • 3 Tips to Give Some Life to Your Fan Page

    Acquiring fans is tough, but keeping them constantly entertained, engaged and interested is even tougher! If you have tons of fans but are struggling to create engagement, here are 3 tips that will definitely help you liven things up! Post Relevant Images, Videos or Infographics Articles are great, but if that’s all you’re sharing on… READ MORE

  • The Science of Fan Retention: 5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Facebook Fans!

    Click on the graphic to enlarge Acquiring targeted fans is tough, keeping your fans interested and engaged once they’ve liked your page is even tougher! In fact, it turns out that 2 out of every 5 fans eventually click the “Unlike” button. If you are closely monitoring your fanbase growth, you probably already noticed that… READ MORE

  • Buying Fans & Followers, is it worth it?

    You probably stumbled on one of those websites that claim they can get you thousands of “targeted” fans or followers for ridiculously low prices (generally under $300). Now, in case you do not read this whole post, we would like to make our position clear right away: Buying Fans & Followers is wrong, and we’ll… READ MORE

  • Top Status Updates Ideas for your Fan Page: Keeping your Fans Engaged!

    Attracting targeted fans to your page is tough enough, engaging them with useful and interesting content everyday can be even harder! To create brand awareness and generate more interactions and traffic from your fanbase, you need to post on a daily basis! For those of you that are running out of ideas on what to… READ MORE