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Attracting Fans & Followers the RIGHT way

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Facebook & Twitter are taking gigantic proportions in the world of Web Marketing. Facebook Fan Pages, for instance, have been rapidly growing in popularity this year. Hundreds of thousands of businesses launched an official Fan Page in 2010, hoping to attract new fans. However, attracting targeted fans is no easy job, and one of the main reasons why most companies struggle to attract new fans, is the lack of incentive

In the material world we live in, people need an incentive to take an action. Liking your brand simply isn’t enough for them to click the “Like” button, you need to make them want to Like the page. You can just take a look at some of the most successful fan pages on Facebook (take the 1-800-Flowers page for example) and you’ll notice that when you arrive for the 1st time, those pages generally make you land on a customized & incentive-driven tab, with a message that will tempt you to click the “Like” button right there.

Attracting Fans & Followers is one thing, but keeping them engaged and interested is a whole new challenge. There are many applications out there that can help you create engaging material such as polls, quizzes, sweepstakes & contests. Some of the most popular include FanAppz, WildFire & Involver. These apps generally have a free version but to get rid of all the ads and access premium features, one needs to dig in his wallet and drop a few bucks a month for a premium membership.

Engaging fans is a delicate operation, one needs to understand that if it is done the wrong way, a campaign can quickly backfire and ruin the whole company’s reputation.

As you can see from the above graph, one of the worst mistakes in Social Media Marketing (58%) is throwing too much content at your Fans. It is logical when you think about it… people go on Facebook & Twitter mainly to socialize with their friends, not to get flooded by commercial messages. You don’t want your brand to be associated with SPAM, so go slowly, carefully, analyse the reaction of your fans to every post and adapt your strategy accordingly! Social Media Marketing is no science, it’s all about testing & adapting.


2 responses to “Attracting Fans & Followers the RIGHT way”

  1. John Karr Avatar

    very interesting, thanks for the post. I need to learn how to set up incentives now 🙂

  2. Guest Avatar

    I think some of this can be solved if you target fans in the US and not world wide. I have seen similiar problems when untargeted fans are sent to a Fan Page. Just something to think about when purchasing Facebook fans from a social media firm.

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