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5 Extremely Useful WordPress Plugins you Probably Never Heard About!

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WordPress grew to the point where there are today thousands of plugins available to choose from. While everyone has heard about the usual plugins such as Google XML Sitemaps, All in One SEO, WP Super Cache and the such, very few people have heard about the extremely useful plugins that we are about to present to you on this post… happy reading!

1 – Widget Logic

This is a true jewel! This plugin gives every widget an extra control field called “Widget logic” that lets you control the pages/posts that the widget should appear on. The field lets you use WP’s Conditional Tags, or any general PHP code. There is also an option to add a wordpress ‘widget_content’ filter — this lets you tweak standard widgets to suit your theme without editing plugins and core code. This is an amazing plugin that makes your WordPress sidebar behave the way you want. The downside is that it requires some basic php/programming knowledge, but it is easy to learn.

Download Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/

2 – Register Plus Redux

Do you find the WordPress registration process boring and too basic? Register Plus Redux enables the user registration process to be customized in any way, big or small. Is there another field you want users to fill out when registering? Do you want to change the message your users receive after they register? Do you want users to have to verify their email address is legitimate? Do you want to queue up new users to be approved or denied by an administrator? Register Plus Redux can do all that and more.

Download Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/register-plus-redux/

3 – Theme Test Drive

How often did you want to test out new themes without affecting your current site? Theme Test Drive is here for you! This WordPress plugin allows you to safely test drive any theme on your blog as administrator, while visitors still use the default one. It happens in compete transparency and they will not even notice that you are running a different theme for yourself. Best part is you can even play with the theme options (if your theme has them) once again without affecting the main site.

Download Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/theme-test-drive/

4 – WP Maintenance Mode

If you need to make some serious changes to your WordPress Site, you might want to take the site offline for a few hours, while notifying your users that the website is under maintenance. This Plugins adds a maintenance-page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. You can set which users have rights to get full access to the blog including the frontend during that time, or keep it only for administrator. You can use a date with a countdown for informing the visitors on when the site will back online. You can also stylize and customize the look and feel of this maintenance page the way you want.

Download Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-maintenance-mode/

5 – Email Users

Last, but not least, Email Users is a wonderful plugin that lets you instantly email all users of your blog! Once you write your message, you can select which user group to send the message to (contributors, authors, subscribers, admins, or all!). You can also select which users can send personal emails to each other. Power users can email groups of users and even notify a group of users for new posts.

Download Link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/email-users/


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