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3 Tips to Give Some Life to Your Fan Page

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Acquiring fans is tough, but keeping them constantly entertained, engaged and interested is even tougher! If you have tons of fans but are struggling to create engagement, here are 3 tips that will definitely help you liven things up!

Post Relevant Images, Videos or Infographics

Articles are great, but if that’s all you’re sharing on your fan page, your fans will get bored. It has been proven that images/videos/infographics generate more engagement in the social sphere. (engagement = comments, likes, shares)

If you don’t have any images/videos of your own, consider producing some. If you don’t have the budget nor the expertise to do this, you can always go on websites like Reddit and search for popular images within your industry, then post them on your page. This will definitely get you a couple of Likes & Shares. You can also search on YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion for some videos with viral potential and share them with your fans.

There is a lot of multimedia content out there that you can use to improve your brand awareness and show your fans that you are worth “Liking”. You can also invite them to share their own multimedia content for an even better engagement level.

Launch Occasional Contests or Giveaways

The sad truth is: People on Facebook don’t usually “Like” brand pages unless they feel like there is something to win out of it.

How do you think brands like GAP, Starbucks or Coca Cola acquired hundreds of thousands of fans? Short Answer: By giving away stuff! Remember, Facebook is a social network for friends to keep in touch with each other. Businesses are only “tolerated”, for as long as they provide an added value that people can’t get from just going to their website.

That said, remember to reward your fans on a regular basis and make them feel like they’re part of an “exclusive club”. Once in a while (at least once a month) launch a contest, quizz or giveaway on your page. If you can do it once or twice a week, it’s even better! The prize could be a discount code, a free product or a gift certificate. Doing this will get your fans to always be aware of your posts, as they will constantly be waiting for you to launch a new contest. This strategy minimize “Unlikes” and will improve your engagement score guaranteed.

While this strategy doesn’t apply to any type of business (it’s hard to give away products or discount codes if you’re a real estate agent or insurance broker!) it is certainly a great fit for online retailers and for anybody selling physical products at a low/medium price point.

Don’t be Too Self-Promotional

Your fans are willing to look at your content and read your blog posts for as long as they feel like you’re not trying to push your marketing message down their throats. If they ever feel that way, you can be guarantteed that one of these 2 things will happen:

  • They will “Unsubcribe from your feed” (bad!)
  • They will “Unlike” your fan page (very bad!)

As we pointed out earlier, Facebook is not meant for businesses like LinkedIn. People don’t log in on Facebook expecting to see your company’s latest hirings. They want to see what their friends are up to and maybe see a few funny images or videos that will help them kill their boredom. If once in a while they see one of your blog posts or one of your latest product announcements, that’s fine, but remember to not flood their news feed with your content.

Focus on sharing content that is interesting and adds value. It doesn’t always have to be from your own site. Sites like Digg, Reddit and YouTube can help you find tons of great content you can share.


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